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Turbos: Elite vs Tacx

Hi All

Would liek to canvas opinion please. I feel like splashing the cash to beat the winter blues and am in the mood for an all singing all dancing turbo - one with video and changing resistance and the like and have come down to my shortlist of two.
The Tacx T1940 I-Magic Fortius vs the Elite RealAxiom RITMO CT Conconi ElastoGel Trainer

They are basically the same price so its down to reliability, ease of use etc.

Anyone got one? Any thoughts? Anyone?

Cheers in advance


  • I purchased an I magic 3 weeks ago. I have yet to get it to work correctly, numerous emails to support and phone call to uk service centre. I suspect that there is no power going through the brake but also suspect that I'll end up taking it up to St Albans to get it set up correctly. Major hassle.

    That said, and I am thoroughly p1ssed off with the situation, I am impressed with the real life video and the online virtual reality. I think that it will make the whole turbo experience much more interesting.

    Very frustrating.
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