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Conehead's book and my first season and Tri clubs

Just finished your book , fantastic made me wet my pants
to those who haven't read it , your missing out

This is where I am after my first season
3 sprints done , arundel 1hr 30, seaford first Open water 1hr 28 , hever castle lake swim 1hr.29
and I have bloody loved them all.

My big aim next season is the Worthing standard next July and what I love about this sport is that it seems a million miles away from where I am now. but I have got time to train.

The reason being only did my first 10k ever last saturday on that "Nike + world run day" out in the rain on my own, but really chuffed that I did it, seemed to take me a long time to drag 16.5stone around the streets in 1hr15min, but hey you have to start somewhere.

Have started doing 2 swim classes a week , which has introduced me to drills, one arm swimming , Thats fun, dragging fingertips !!

Really hate the dark nights as me and my bike love being together, so going for the club cycles sunday mornings

and I promise everyone on this forum that I will spend more time running

one last thing I was really worried about joining a tri club because I thought it would be full of arse's and gym bunnies, but I was totally wrong.... there's no gym bunnies there.

Only joking its been the best thing I have done , it have made me rethink my training, push me to do more and everyone I have met has been friendly, helpful and fun.

If you are new to this and have the same thinking that I did about tri clubs , think again, its well worth joining your local club

I hope to be able to get better and race next year (at my level) in the club colours as I know if I continue training with them I will raise my game.

Aka Anthony the new boy from "Tuff Fitty Tri club"


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Don't hate the dark knight - he was just a misconstrued schizoooo ohh sorry dark nights!!

    Don't hate them, embrace them. Use them as an excuse to get on the turbo and watch TV at the same time. Mix it up doing one legged pedal drills thus helping pedalling technique.

    Use it as time to get to know the family again, you should be having a period of rest so that you don't peak to soon in the new season. I for one have just realised I have a wife and not just someone who attends tri's with me!!

    Use the time to assess where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. What races you'll be doing next year, whats your A race and what training you'll do to maximise your chances of a PB
  • Hey tummymustgo, how was Arundel? I'm thinking of doing that next year as one of my first Tri's as I have friends who live there and visit often.
  • Arundel was great fun , they say you always remember your first !

    starts at the nice open air pool with everyone able to watch , short transfer to T1 and out on the bike you have about 1 k before the big hill kicks in which will take the next 3k on a long uphill route until nice long downhill.

    T2 out for a nice run alongside the river and back again.

    Really nice event very friendly, cant wait to do it again next year.
  • Well done fella sounds like a good first season. Your aims are certainly realistic and pretty much mirror my objectives for this year.

    Running is my nighmare but I've stuck at it and although I'm still a poor runner it is improving, to the point where I did the Great South Run this Sunday, although not fast I still managed it without a great deal of distance training because it's "only 10 miles"

    Good luck, stick at it.
  • Hi tummymustgo,

    I loved reading your post dude, i know exactly how you feel! Isn't triathlon just the best thing that's ever happened to you? (excluding wife, kids, blar blar...... )

    I love it and it sounds like you do too! Keep going with the training, if you want to 'have a break' then take a week or two then back to it my friend......

  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    Hey TMG, good post mate and thanks for sharing.

    sounds like you've had a great year and looking forward to another next year.....mine was a supersprint...thats all i was planning. I then got hooked, done a sprint and like many running was my problem.....but i ran the great cumbrian run last weekend....13.1 miles..OMG..it hurt...but i'm inspired...and cant wait till next year when i take it all on and (hopefully) become an Ironman in my 40th year .

    tri rocks, stay with it dude you're doing great
  • Got the book last weekend as bday pressie from wife really did enyoy the read made me laugh lots, also confirmed that after reading this and speaking to other ironfolk, all ironfolk are mad to say the least - where do I sign up!!!! No NO slowly, slowly, NO 2010 IM, NO, NO, NO !!!
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