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My new Tri Bars

I'm sure I've seen some stuff on tri bars on here before, but can't seem to get the search to work, everythings alway too common apprently.

I've finally fitted some tri bars (Profile T2) to my road bike. Haven't been out on the road yet, have been getting used to them on the turbo. I seem to be sitting much further forward on the saddle (which is pretty uncomfotable on a rather minimal road saddle). Am I going to need to invest in a new saddle or am I sitting in the wrong position? I've also raised my saddle height as felt all squashed up as soon as I go on to the tri bars. Final question, how should I tape the bars? I guessing I should be taping them.

If I get some pics posted, could I get a few pointers?

Hopefully it'll be dry this weekend and I can get out for a test run.


  • You can get a Tri specific saddle, most manufacturers make one, and these are generally longer in the nose, and slghtly more padded. Thay when when you are down on the bars, and shifted slightly forwards, then you have a bit more padding where it's needed.

    It's difficult to make a recommendation on which one to get, as if you ask five people, you'll get five differing revommendations, it's a trial and error thing, or budget.

    As to tape on the bars, if they are just bolt ons, then generally no tape, but of it's a full aerobar set up, then taped.
  • Thanks for that. A new tri specific saddle it is then and no tape.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Be wary of not putting tape on if its wet!!!!! I races Wimbleball a couple of years ago with no tape and with it raining the bars were slippy as hell and a few times I nearly ended up with my face slamming against the bars as my hand slipped off!! I use the Profiles too.

    Saddle wise, a TT saddle is worth getting. I use the San marco Azoto, hard to get hold of but awesome and the best saddle I have ever had, you hardly know your sat on it, its that comfy... got to be a winner after 120+km in the Aero position:)

    Your Knees should track 'just behind your elbows and in line with them' ie not outside or inside them....
    Knees approx 1" behind elbows.... although some pros ride that hunched up their knees track inside of their elbows with an overlap... flexible spine needed though!!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Re Saddle I use a Fizic Arione Triathlon:

    You may want to look at this as it also looks at Husslers suggestion:

    Re aero bars, you definitely need to get them setup properly, have a look here:
    http://www.slowtwitch.com/mainheadings/ ... kefit.html
  • Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll have a go at getting set up right tonight and head to my LBS if I can't figure it out. Will get some photos posted and see what you think.
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