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Hellrunner - Hell Down South

Anyone doing Hellrunner on Sunday ?

If so morning or afternoon ?

Will be my first Hellrunner and am doing in the morning.


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I was supposed to bedoing it but lack of fitness and will power haslet me don. I hveheard nothingb go hings abou hough.

    Good Luk and lets hop th eathers better.
  • Is your keyboard missing certain letters ?

  • I did the aftermath event yesterday and absolutely loved it.

    I was a bit worried before hand after hearing stories about tough guy but loved the water obstacles on the route.

    Has anyone done both this and Tough Guy and do they compare at all?

    I'm up for doing Tough Guy now but am worried that it'd be an unpleasent painful experience unlike hell runner which was just good fun.
  • willieverfinish wrote:
    Is your keyboard missing certain letters ?

    Just the best,
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I went, I saw, I conquered - well ok then I finished it Great event - now on my 2010 list of races. Very dirty, very smelly and very wet, but overall great fun.
  • timtim Posts: 43
    I have done both Hell runner and Tough guy,

    they are not comparable,

    TG is an assault course first with some running thrown in, lots of water and in the case of 2009, lots of hypothermia, (wasnt so bad in 2008)

    Hellrunner is a cross country run first, with some water thrown in, you dont even have to get your head wet!

    recommend both of then though maybe TG is a once in a lifetime (twice for me!) experience

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