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Newbie needing words of wisdom.......

Hi all

I've decided to take the big leap into triathlon and have entered the Chirk Sprint in Apr 2010. Im not massively fit (thats being nice to myself!) and am starting to run/cycle/swim as often as I can.

However, its tough fitting it in with family (1 x 1 year old and another on the way) and work committments.

So im after some advice on what is best to concentrate on in the time that I have. At the moment I am trying to fit in 3-4 morning sessions of 45 mins each before work, alternating run, cycle and swim. Cycle and run is outdoors and not in a gym.

Any help massively appreciated


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Keeping it simple take a 2 step approach.

    Step 1 make sure you do enough training in each element so that you can complete the event

    Step 2 analyse how good you are at swimming, biking & running to see how fast you can do each element and compare with last years results to see how you would have done. Put a bit more work into the element that will reduce your race time the most.

    However, remeber you have to balance the elements as it's no good getting a brilliant bike time if you have to walk the run
  • Thanks for the advice Harry.

    I've not done a triathlon before, so I'll try and compare any times I get next year with following races.

  • I would also advise fitting your running in with your daily routine. I do this and it works really well: Anytime you are going to be pushing a pushchair, run with it. Start with a walk, maybe 5 mins is enough to be warmed up, then run at a slow pace. Your buggy will probably dictate the pace, but to run slow should not be considered bad training.
    Another thing I do is run to work. If you work and have shower facilities there, anyone can do this. I'm lucky enough to be 4 miles from work, but if you aren't then drive most of the way and run the last 1, 2, 3, x miles.
    Another tip for you - Check out Matt Furey clips on Youtube, particularly the Hindu squat. I rattle 20 or 30 off while I'm bathing the kids or at any other time when I can stand still for 5 minutes.
    Hope some of that helps.
  • Thanks Back

    Anything I can squeeze in will be a bonus. Sadly no shower facilities in work, but hopefully moving offices soon, so maybe!

    Good idea with the pram run. I'll definitely be trying that out this weekend. Assuming the weather improves a bit.

    I am determined to get as much training in as possible, my only aim at the minute is to finish the triathlon next year and hopefully not finish last.
  • The key is to enjoy it and finish. It'll be my first season next year so I'm not too concerned about times or how fit I am at the moment.

    Advice above is good though. Concentrate on weakest element - swimming is my nemesis (near drowing incident age 10!) so thats what I try to work on most.......easier said than done!!

    Doing 'brick' sessions will help too if you can which is running straight after a bike ride.

    Me and the missus have talked about starting a family soon so I'll have the same issues with squeezing in training. I have no doubts it will be possible though, especially if I get a job closer to home which is the intention in the new year.
  • You need to be confident enough to complete all three disciplines. A rough breajdown of the Sprint would be 10 minute swim, 50 minute bike, and 25 minte run, giving a total of just under one-and-a-half hours. You'll need to make sure that you have the ability to exercise quite hard for that length of time.

    Soend time doing the bike-run 'brick' sessions. Worth doing 15 minute bike, 5 minute run, three times, to give a good hours worth of training. The more you get used to running off the bike, the easier it'll be on the big day.

    It's worth raising questions on the General Chat forum, as that seems t be the most visited.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    not sure i can add much to it but definately do the bike to run brick sessions. It is easy to do this in the gym if you go, just jump straight from the spin bike onto the treadmill x3. I tend to do 15 mins high cadence on the bike, then run 1k flat out x3. That'll get you used to running off the bike. Also where you can (maybe on a weekend if you get a chance, try to ride the bike distance (20k) then run for 15 minutes to see how it feels. Swimming - depending on how confident you are (and if it is 400/750m) maybe get some coaching. Oh and practise transitions... get use to getting bike shoes on when wet, and getting from bike shoes to trainers (assuming you are using bike shoes - if not, then ignore it)
  • From Zero to Triathlon hero...
    Establish your weakenss early on
    Most triathlons time spent is 10-15% for the swim 40-55% bike and 30-35% running

    GO BACKWARDS to go forwards.
    Keep a diary and look at what you have done over the last 6 weeks and see
    (a)If you have had adequate rest and recovery
    (b)Increased your workload to increase your endurance
    Doing the same workouts will not stress the body to improve.

    REST-Not planning enough rest and recovery to be ready for the next session.
    This can lead to injury illness or both ending in not being able to get to the start line.

    CHECK LIST- Have a checklist of thing you need. Make a not in your diary of things you want to take on the day that you plan on travelling. Check this list before you leave to the event. If you need help of what to take go to the Ironmate section triathlon- triathlon equipment check list and print a copy. It may take a few minutes to use a checklist but this will stop you forgetting anything which you ruin your performance.

    COMFORT is very important so avoid the latest fashion swim trunks and loose fitting tri top with no pockets.
    Dont get hung up on times practise practise practise transitions &
    back to back swim to bike and also Bike to run.
    Aim to cover all of the swim in training and 50-70% of the bike and 50-70% of the run in three different sessions in one week then you are ready
    See you at the races
    400 + triathlon finisher
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