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Single Nostril Breathing

Hey everyone,

After doing multiple marathons, I have entred the world of triathlon. The problem I am encountering is with my breathing during swimming. I only have the use of one nostril and as such I have found that when swimming I can take in air fine however exhaling underwater is the problem where I can't do enough. Should I aim to plug my one nostril for the swim and train exhaling and inhaling all through my mouth or is there another way to swim effectively? Thanks all for the help



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    As long as you get the air out so you can get some fresh in is all that matters.

    No problem with breathing out through your mouth either trickling the air out slowly or explosively or indeed using both mouth and nose. As long as you do it underwater so that you can then get a clean inhale.

    Whatever works & helps get you from start to finish the quickest is the best.
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