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training camps

Hi everybody

As my thought move to next season I am thinking about training camps

last year I went to one of the spainish islands for 10 days to JSNT camp was mainly based around cycling and swimming , very little running and other stuff. It was based around experienced tri people.

I am looking for a a week training somewhere next year for a week but want to include running as well as biking. My big problem is that my other half as now decided she want to do duathlons so is into the biking and running and want to come to a training camp as well. So I need camp for march that will have a couple of groups one for beginners and one for somebody is aiming for sub 2.10 next season

Has anybody got any recommandation , I want it to be warm and not cost the earth like club le santa

It's good that other half is invloved as I get less greif with the amount of training I do as she is out also


  • if that happens let me know as I will be interested , as long as it tri based and not iron man as I am looking for quality rather than doing just milage

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