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Garmin 305 or 310XT

What is really the difference and is it worth spending an additional 100 pounds? Any alternatives for the cost conscious athlete?


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I replaced my 305 with a 310XT....

    The main useful differences are:

    Quicker Satellite pick up on power up.
    Smaller (just)
    Fabric HR strap

    Other than that I cant think of anything that isnt pretty much the same as the 305 to be honest....

    Its worth the extra money just for bling factor:)
    To be honest if your not gona use it whilst swimming then get the 305....
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    How do you find getting a wetsuit on and off if you are wearing it?
  • 20 hour battery life and the easy multisport option, including the ability to include transitions, sold it to me. love it.
  • just2tri wrote:
    cost conscious athlete?
    Please explain yourself, this isn't a term I've ever come across on this, or any other Tri forum.
  • Jules wrote:
    How do you find getting a wetsuit on and off if you are wearing it?
    It is quite chunky, and therefore it does add a split second to your time getting the wetsuit over the top of it. The biggest issue I had whilst taking the wetsuit off, is that I'd inadvertently pressed the 'stop' button during hte process, and didn;t realise until I was quite a way into the bike leg. However, this has sonce been overcome, as you can lock the buttons to stop pressing them in error.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I dont wear mine for the swim...as I have chipped the crner of the screen:(

    Transitions can be included on the 305 aswell as the 310.....
    Easy multisport is also 'easy' on the 305...

    If you are counting the pennies get the 305. if you can afford the extra get the 310....
  • As upgrades go this is pretty crap really, I have a 305 (which I've swam in numerous times) and the sattalite pick up is never any longer than 60 secs. The battery life is fine for me (12ish hrs).

    No, if my 305 dies I'll get another 305 as the "benefits" of a 310xt are negligible at best. That said as as the market of the 310xt is "mainly" traithletes the cost will be disregarded and the need to have the newest more expensive item of tri-wear will prevail.
  • I've got the 310xt

    love it and just found the link to plot your route on google earth!

    quality tech!
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