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free swimming dvd in this months 220

Has anyone else had problems with playing this ?

I have tried on 2 dvd players and it jusp keeps skipping .



  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    plays on my computer no problem....

    the IM swim part got me feeling mmmotivated again - looked fun!
  • It plays on my DVD palyer and PC with no trouble. It has given me a shot of motivation too - can't wait to get back into the pool now!

  • Bullet, I've done a SwimForTri course and already have a dvd with drills and the like so I'll give my 220 dvdv a go tonight and if it works I'll post to you (PM me your address).
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    No joy on the PC either !!!!

    Thanks for the offer Dave ,will pm my address .
  • mine worked fine too! but how the hell does he manage to rotate his body that much without dislocating his neck or spine!
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Because he`s a damn fine swimmer and i`m dead jealous
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