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Ironman WA this weekend!

G'day from sunny Australia.

I know I haven't contributed huge amounts to this forum since I first signed on, but I've loved reading through everyones thoughts and I've got some really useful tips from it.

I'm doing my first Ironman on Saturday, 5th December with Ironman Western Australia, and would just like to say thanks to everyone for helping keep my sanity with this forum.

With reference to the whole tattoo topic earlier - definately going to be lining up for one!


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    It's freezing cold, p###g down with rain and our moments of glory for the season past are memories and now we get someone chirping up from Oz where it is sunny, wall to wall bikini bods doing the WA Ironman .... bloody good luck! I sincerely hope you do well mate!

    Don't forget we would like, nay demand a race report so that the sunny rays from down under can somehow bring warmth to our bones.

    Have a good one and once again good luck.
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    good luck vetboy
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    Fly the flag in style vetboy .............best of luck to you .

  • Good luck indeed - forecast is for 30 degrees, sunshine and a moderate (25kph) wind. I'll be down there for my first IM too !
  • Amazing one of the best days of your life.
  • vetboyvetboy Posts: 21
    Thank's everyone for the words of support.

    1 day to go and my excitment is starting to build. Such an amazing atmosphere around the town.

    My race number is 240 for anyone who tracks these things on Ironman Live.

    Race report will hopefully supplied for you all on Sunday.

    Good luck too Biggles.
  • Good luck to the both of you. Lokking forward to the report, and the photos of the Tat.
  • vetboyvetboy Posts: 21
    I AM AN IRONMAN!!!!!

    11 HOURS 34 MINS.

    33 degree heat took it out of everyone. I also managed to fall off my bike in an aid station which cost me about 15 minutes getting a basic patch up (cut face, grazed shoulder, hip, knee, arm, etc).

    World of pain at the moment but still the best feeling in the world. Worth every bit of it!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Fantastic - well done - and war wounds as well!! That will make the story telling to work colleagues etc a bit more awe inspiring - I presume you are going to say they are a result of a high speed collision and not that you fell off your bike at an aid station.

    Bloody well done.

    Full report required.
  • Congratulations Vetboy!! My own "race" went very well; found a good set of feet to draft in the swim and was stoked to be back on the beach in 1H 04' . I took my time in T1 to do a full change, slap on the sunscreen (UV=16)and reined myself in on the bike. The ride out through the Tuart forest was stunning although I felt sorry for the volunteers who had to endure the flies in there. I took a few comfort stops to stretch out and check hydration levels and concentrated on getting the nutrition down. The wind was starting to pick up on the last lap and the temperature was certainly picking up too. Lots of water was used over the body and head to stay cool. The guys in the aero helmets must have been melting by that stage and I passed a lot of "bling" bikes with full spec kit at this stage. I came off the bike feeling 100% (T1+Bike+T2 was 6H 07' ). Again, a full change in T2 and more sun screen. The run was just brutally hot (33 degrees, the warmest IMWA they've ever had). Top tip from a 5x IM competitor at the start was to use the ice at the aid stations under your hat and down your shorts - worked a treat. Lots of spectators out on the run course had hosepipes running to spray the runners and there were several showers out on the course as well. Particularly memorable was the attactive blonde in the tiny bikini top and short denim mini skirt who was hosing people down - I swear there was a queue forming at one stage

    I'd promised myself that I would finish in a "fit" state so did the walk-run thing for most of the course (along with 90% of the other competitors). There were quite a few DNF's and people vomiting on the course but I never reached some of the darker moments of my training runs so was confident that I was going to finish. I didn't hit the wall at all so the nutrition went almost all to plan. My only target was to finish, and then a sub-target of not getting a glow stick. Achieved both so feeling very good about it. I took some time to walk in the last 2kms just to think back on the day and soak up the atmosphere; the sun was starting to set and I could hear the announcer calling people in...you are AN IRONMAN!!! Total time was 12H 38' in the end but it was never really about the time so very comfortable with that. Looking forward to a break over Christmas and then easing back into training for the Half Ironman in May at Busselton. It was a great event and very well organised with a super atmosphere. I know its a long way from the UK but if you combined it with a holiday..........
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Well done boys in that heat to.Blimey that must have been tough.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Tough! Blonde babe in bikini top - nay TINY bikini top and short skirt

    Bloody well done though, to have finished is a great achievemnet, to finish in a fit state and a tidy time as well - bloody well done sir!
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