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Cycle to work scheme bike....

Forum members. Having read the forum for ages but never posted I have a question..

Having raced bikes since I was 8 I am fully aware that a bike is specific to your individual preferences and style etc but I need some help anyway.

My works cycle to work scheme (through Halfords) is only available for a small window a year. That window closes as of the end of this week. I have finally decided I may be able to fit another bike into my small flat and due to the £1000 cost limit; a training bike for use all year round is what I am after.
My requirements are thus: can take full mud flaps so that’s with the correct frame fittings and as it’s an all year round bike and will be ridden in London and down rubbish country lanes avec potholes probably not carbon.
Having done a quick scan of what the major manufactures are offering there doesn’t seem a great deal that fits the bill.
So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thoughts everyone?

Thank you.



  • Hi Chris. Have you thought about a cyclocross bike? Not sure what Halfords can get hold of, but I'm sure Boardman do a decent one. Specialized Tricross comes with mudguard eyes, for example, so I guess most X bikes do. Fatter, more durable tyres for shitty country lanes/minor off-roading, yet lighter and more responsive than a bulky MTB. Toying with the idea myself, as it would encourage me to get off the turbo at this time of year without wrecking my (one and only, boo hoo!) road bike!
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Halfords do two cyclocross bikes, a Boardman and Voodoo. Both are £999; the Boardman looks pretty tasty and if I hadn't already got my order in for the road bike I really would have thought hard about getting it instead.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    a crosser sounds like what you are after and as others have said, halfords/boardman have them. they might also get in specific bikes as well (I've heard if it happen), so perhaps a kona Jake might be possible as well.

    worth checking the eyelets for mudguards thing though, as I have a vague recollection that not all crossers have them.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Last time I did cycle2work Halfords could get Kona. Also trek, spesh, Focus, Dolan etc etc. They no longer deal with Planet-x, though, which is a shame as they have some nice crossers.
  • As expected a massive amount of help and advice. Thank you.

    I had been thinking about a cross bike.

    I have a few old ones at my parents but the option of picking a new bike up at a bargin price seems too good to turn down.

    I am now thinking I may get back to a bit of cross racing as I did as a kid if I go down that route.

    I have a now old Kone Jake the snake that needs a compleate strip and just about all componets replaced which will have to be a project.

    I was thinking the boardman but have not seen any reviews or cross bikes of late... anyone seen any?

    Thanks again all.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    if you are looking to avoid a crosser then there are some road bikes that have eyelets - i think giant and spesh do or did. it will restrict your options quite a bit though, unless you want to use clip-on guards and p-clips for racks and stuff.
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