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Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon

Anyone here done the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon? I got a place for 2010 in the online lottery. Just woundering if its worth the cost and hassle of travelling - it does look good on paper but I would like to hear from anyone who has actually done it. I'm also worried about the swim (obviously). There's a one hr cut off for 2.4km which is about bang on my race pace for a typical open water OD swim. If you have done the race how did your swim time compare to a typical 2.4km swim - was it a lot slower? On the plus side my IMUK training plan has an OD event schedueled in for that week.

Thanks for any help.


  • i've got a place for 2010 as well and plan on going. it is expensive but i've not so far read one bad review or recommendation not to do it. san francisco is a great place and the alcatraz tour is worth a visit in itself, let alone swimming from there. get your hand in your pocket, cruchan09.
  • I thought the swim was a mile and a half which I make 2km ?
    Mind you with my sighting, 2.4 is probably conservative.

    I'm also lead to believe that the current assists.
  • I'm in to!
    Weird - always thought it'd be really tough to get into.
    I've want to do it, just never thought I'd get in first time!
    I'm also debating the cost now. Entry is $410 and I'll need to take myself and the good lady wife over, plus bike transport.
    It's only 16 weeks away...
  • I'm going over a few days before and coming back a few days later. Flights (for 2) £850, hotel £1000 that is the race hotel, I'm sure this could be done cheaper. Bike transfer about £300ish. Race as you say £300ish.

    Not cheap and a bit earlier than ideal but hey. I've just cashed in a savings plan to pay for it.
  • I've decided to give it a miss and try and get in in 2011. It wasn't the cost in the end, it just didn't fit in with family stuff for this year. Would have been approx. €6000 (£550 ish) for return flights from Dublin and 4 nights in race hotel - not too bad (http://www.ebookers.ie).

    Its possible to rent a Trek Madone or simiar once there for very little which I had planned to do rather than ship my tri bike - http://www.bicyclerental.com/submain.ph ... ftriathlon

    Good luck to those of you doing it - I'm sure I'll regret not going on race weekend.
  • i've paid my entry but not sorted flights or accomodation yet. planning to travel with my own bike but know nothing about shipping procedures/flight costs so any advice from those who've done it would be appreciated.
  • Doc ScoDoc Sco Posts: 38
    Am very jealous by this - did the NY tri in 2009 and have set my sights on Alcatraz for 2011 - couldnt persuade hubby (who is a chief-bag-carrier-and-supporter when I am competing), to do 2 major overseas events in 2 years as its his holiday too! Compromised on an event every other year. Would love to hear how you get on - funny how when I mention it to anyone the first thing they ask about is the sharks!
  • joshwrjoshwr Posts: 1

    I'm racing Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in 2010 for the first time! Myself and good friend both won places in the random lottery. Yes, it's expensive and needs a lot of organising but think it will be well worth it!

    We're competing in support of Help for Heroes and our aim is to raise over £5,000 to help build Personnel Recovery Centres across the UK. We've started a blog for people to follow us on our journey to the start line in SF... http://www.escapefromalcatraz2010.com

    Good luck to all Brits racing, see you on the boat!

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