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Cycling problem - Wide fitting triathlon or road shoes

Hi all,

I have wide (and fairly flat) feet and am struggling to find a pair of triathlon or road shoes that don't pinch my feet in too much when on longer rides etc.

Can anyone reccomend a pair of wider fitting shoes?



  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    I've got pretty wide feet and I find the shimano ones a reasonable fit, not perfect but ok anyway. I went for the TR31 (lowest priced tri specific ones).
  • I agree, Shimano seem to be quite a wide fit.

    I went for a road shoe, but they came up about 2 sizes small so buying online is a bit of a lottery. Try and find a decent shop, where you can try some on.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    I don't take a wide fitting myself, but have read that spesh bg and sidi shoes were good for those that do.
  • I have just seen that Wiggle have some Lake road bike shoes on special that come in a normal and wide fitting - might be worth a look...
  • i have wide feet and found all shimano shoes too small unless i buy 2 sizes bigger, i have tried on shed-loads of brands and the only ones i have found to fit are scott shoes which are nice and wide, they are one offer £50 off normal price at evans at the mo

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