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Hi i'm having problems finding goggles that fit properly after a few lengths they all seem to let in water no matter how much I tighten them etc. Any advice? Currently have Aquasphere Kaimen's


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    goggles are really personal, you'll probably get a different make/model from each member here!

    i use blue-seventy hydra-visions since the autumn and they've been excellent. i'd happily recommend them.
  • muffsmuffs Posts: 17
    Thanks for the advice. I guess it's just a case of trial and error. I'm pretty sure i'm wearing them right.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    I've found that some goggles just won't fit my fat face. I've had problems with Kaimans, cayennes good, eagles good but leave wicked google marks. Seals... definitely not for my face. Blue seventy ones I had were great, but lost them at Tatton last year. Should really get another pair. So trial and error I reckon. At least they're not the most expensive bit of kit... Can you get carbon fibre goggles?

    And don't be tempted to pull them too tight. They should naturally stick on your face.
  • muffsmuffs Posts: 17
    I think my problem is just the opposite. My face is quite thin.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Flavadave wrote:
    Blue seventy ones I had were great, but lost them at Tatton last year. Should really get another pair.
    i'm sure that the awesome might of b70 and bcttt could sort you with some nice replacements... in pink perhaps...

    muffs, i used speedo's for years and usually whatever i bought was fine for a few months and then start leaking like crazy. eventually i found that their speedsocket range worked for me, but they sat very tight and left me with panda eyes after pool sessions.
    a couple of races this year were fouled up by them leaking early on so i got the b70's. so far they've been great.
  • as somebody said, its personal and trial and error.

    i found that kayennes leaked, kaymans perfect fit, never looked back.

    (or was it the other way round?? - you get the gist either way!)
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Found 'em. Carbon fibre swim goggles for $100. Whatever next?


    Of course I want them. I want them NOW!
  • I can never get the goggles with the one piece frame - the ones without the separate nose bit - to fit my face but I have always found that price is a very poor guide for goggles generally as some of the budget ones seem to fit me better than the more expensive ones. With my swimming "style" those carbon goggles would be like putting lipstick on a pig...
  • I have had the Kaimans, the fit was ok, didnt have any issues really, i liked them. But...then i got the Zoggs Predators, and they are definately better for me, so comfy, i love them.

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/swim/9/Zoggs_ ... 360043543/
  • My tips to avoid your swim goggles leak or stop it happening

    See below from my 30 years of swimming experience why swim goggles can leak.

    There are many reasons I have listed below the most common reasons.
    Finding a pair that fits can be trial and error.
    The leak proof test I suggest to others to see if the goggles fit without leaking is to press them over your eyes without using the strap. If they stay on your face for more than a second without the strap they pass the test and less likely to leak. This is no guarantee that they will not leak in the pool.
    If they leak for the first time you put them on they may be the wrong size

    To avoid this if possible before buying them put them on your face and push them to cause suction. Face the floor if they fall off then they are not for you.

    A good fitting pair should stay on without the strap being used.

    A mistake is to stop after your warm up place the goggles on your head the water will run down your face, putting them back onto your wet face will cause them to leak because it can stop a proper seal.

    Minor adjustments can cause your goggles to leak, too loose or too tight

    The strap can stretch over time causing the goggles to leak
    Putting them on can stretch the straps and make them loose

    If they leak every so often
    Some goggles have a double strap this can be separated at the back of your head to help keep the goggles fixed as you move your head.

    Believe it or not goggles are very sensitive to small adjustments, with one click being the difference between leaking and not.
    Swim goggles are made for children and adults. I have a small face and found that the children’s ones fit me much better and are often cheaper even the quality seems to be just as good.
    If you use anti-fog drops to stop them fogging up and avoid putting them in the water before placing them on your face.

    If a swim goggle lacks suction when new or loses its suction quality. I find using your own saliva around the edges of the suction then press them back onto your face, my simple trick worked every time.
    Cheap goggles wont save you money as they can leak from your very first stroke till you thro them away!

    Mistakes to avoid
    Don’t be tempted to tighten up a pair extra tight if they leak as this can make your eye sockets sore.
    Use anti-fog drops. Keep in mind, though, you may be buying someone else's saliva.
    If they don’t leak buy another pair as a back up but sometimes a new pair may have a slight modification.
    Learn which shape of goggles is comfortable that do not leak.

    Some wear out quicker than others and can easily leak or become cracked for no apparent reason
    Please don’t ask me for a refund if they above tips don’t help.

    See you at the races
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    And I think that's probably all you'll ever need to know about fitting goggles. Good one Ironfinisher!

    I would add however that do not... I repeat... do not put your goggles on upside down. If you do, you may find that your perfectly fitting goggles leak like a b##tard and you won't understand why the nose bridge is digging in to your face.

    Wouldn't do that would you Dave? Course not Dave...
  • Some people with narrower faces find that a junior goggle fits better... might be worth a try?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    You could always try a TRIATHLON shop with a pool and ask if you could try before you buy. They normally have some for testing wetsuits before buying.
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