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I'm in the process of getting kitted out at the moment but I need an event to do that is beginer friendly. I live South Leicester. I've seen there is one at Mallory Park but i'mconcerned that I will be seriously out of place.

I guess I need to start with a sprint distance or super sprint because my swimming is shocking.Last year I fooled myself into thinking I could do the Bournemouth Pier To Pier Swim (1.4 miles). I did finish but I don't think I can claim it as a victory. I think I did every type of stroke possible including breast srtoke,back stroke there must have even been doggy paddle in there somewhere. But my running isn't bad, 5k in 18 minutes and I do plenty of brick training anyway but on a mountain bike. Road bike coming soon.

Anyway back to the point. Would the Mallory Park event be ok for a newbee or do you have any other suggestions.




  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    No idea about Mallory park, but Terrapin Wetsuits do an event at Bosworth water park which has a "novice" distance. It's 500m OW swim, ~21 mile bike and a 3km run. It was my first tri last year, and the organisation was good. Website is http://www.terrapin-bfa.co.uk/, but details not up yet.

    Chase Race also do midlands based Sprint distance events with novice waves, and I did the Barton Marina one in August which was my favourite event last year.
  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    Just bumping this up for muffs, as the details are now live on the site:

    http://www.terrapin-bfa.co.uk/triathlon ... ro2010.htm
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    chase race events do "Rookie Waves" for beginners to use if they prefer.

    Many triathlons run "novice" events - super sprints typically - aimed at the beginner/less confident.

    But generally most if not ALL events are beginner friendly if you avoid the massive ones like London/Windsor... which isn't to say they are not anti-beginner, they are just huge and _could_ be intimidating I might imagine.

    I can highly recommend the Pewsey triathlon in Wiltshire for beginners (being a marshall on it!)


  • If you have friends in south London i can recommend the Thames turbo race series.

    426m heated pool swim , nice 26km bike flat and fast and 5km park run.

    Very very beginer friendly. I'm doing race 4 again CIA it's so stress free and chilled. It will after my 1st middle distance With my son so will be a good steady race.
  • I've just entered my first ever triathlon 'East Leake Triathlon' http://www.entrycentral.com/index.php?raceID=100163
    It's near Loughborough which I don't think is too far from you? It seems a good distance, 16 lengths of the 25m pool, not hilly and reputedly a good atmosphere for the beginner? I'll be the newb stood on my own with a general look of confusion on my face!
  • muffsmuffs Posts: 17
    Thanks guys that's really helpfull.I might join you on the East Leake one. It will be a blast from the past. I went to school at Lantern Lane, East Leake.
  • Yeah, book it - your committed then

    I'll be doing it on my own, not a member of a club yet, but my partner and son will hopefully be on the sidelines! so if ya fancied meeting there, drop me a PM, we can try and reassure each other! lol!
  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    I'm tempted by East Leake as well - it's only half an hour up the road from me, and it'll replace the April sprint tri I was planning on doing which seems to have been cancelled. Being only 2 months away from my first tri of the season would be good
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  • the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    Theres a couple of events here at bosworth for begginers and others..

  • I've entered a novice 'fun' distance in the Midlands. They also have a sprint and super sprint distance.

  • I was just about to post that you enter the east leake tri. it's a great race, I did it twice last year. the bike leg is reasonably flat and nearly no traffic. The run is a bit of a ball-ache, three laps of a course that is essentially up a hill, down the hill, round the sports centre, repeat.

    I'll see you there.
  • Beginer Events
    by muffs » 11 Jan 2010 23:24

    I'm in the process of getting kitted out at the moment but I need an event to do that is beginer friendly. I live South Leicester. I've seen there is one at Mallory Park but i'mconcerned that I will be seriously out of place.

    http://www.spanglefish.com/FullBoarEven ... eid=278919

    A great venue with open water swim sessions via 1485 tri club at the venue
  • Hi,

    I have just set up a new pool based sprint from Bosworth Community College, Desford, Leicester on 7th August 2011.

    Check out www.racetime-events.co.uk for more info

    I am also putting a post in the events thread.

    Good luck with East Leake, I have done that one and agree it is a nice race.
  • the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    Heres another very short open water event which may suit beginers aswell as those looking for an early season blast to blow the cobwebs away.
    with open water swim sessions starting in may via 1485 tri club

    race details and entry can be found at FULL BOAR EVENTS.

    http://www.spanglefish.com/FullBoarEven ... eid=278919
  • dhcmdhcm Posts: 67
    I have been about 4 different triathlons, and all of them had at least some beginners (e.g. me); its only the proportions that vary.

    There's a basic rule about triathlon: you are never last. Even if the results page says you got the slowest time, there was always a DNF who would have been worse if they had completed. And no one knows which DNF. So no one is ever last. That's what I tell myself.
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