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Swim training plans

Can anyone recommend any good swimming training plans for a sprint distance tri. I can swim the distance but to say i'm crap is understatement and I really need to work on the speed.

Thanks for all your help with my other questions aswell.I'm sure you must get fed up of newbies like me with all these questions but your warm welcome and help has been appreciated.


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Drills, drills and more Drills.

    So heres my plan

    2 lengths to warm up then

    66 metre full effort
    30 secon d pause
    66 metre full effort
    30 second pause
    99 metre medium effort
    30 second pause
    66 metre full effort
    30 second pause.
    198 metre medium effort.

    Then a few lengths to warm down. You can add or take away from this if you need to.
    Some guys.gals will talk about a pyramid system.

    Good luck. I would also put some technique sessions in to. There are loads of videos and stuff on the net to help. I would also get a few lessons as well.
  • muffsmuffs Posts: 17
    Perfect. That's just the kind of thing I was looking for. Thanks very much. I do plan on getting some lessons too. But with just starting out in this game my bank account is looking a bit anemic.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Bank Account? My wages go straight to wiggle!!!!LOL
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Trying to swim faster is all very well and good but if it's a problem with technique then this isn't really going to help.

    Best to get some lessons and get your technique ironed out first. You'll immediately find that as your technique improves, your spped will improve massively. Once your technique is better, then start to work on output and speed.

    I guess what I'm saying is that if you are doing things wrong now, there's not a lot of point in doing them wrong faster! You'd be better doing them right first, then doing them faster.

    Swimming is all about technique, the better it is, the faster you go and the less energy you use. to back this up, simply watch an excellent swimmer in action, they look effortless!

    Good luck
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Depending on how many sessions a week you devote to swimming..let's say three, I would spend 2/3 of those purely on technique (drills) - and the other trying to 're-inforce' the technique you have worked on.
    As wyno says lessons are a must (particularly as you admit to being 'crap'!)
    There are numerous drills - from simply kicking to pulling to sculling to catch-up - and so on. But you should be shown how to do them properly, as well as get advice on how to improve your stroke, breathing etc etc..
    Without a doubt it is the most technical of the three main disciplines so I would invest in some coaching. Even if it's three lessons the coach will give you stuff to work on..
  • LeezarLeezar Posts: 36
    If you need help on technique try the free download from the following site. The have also got some great articles
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  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
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  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Wow......ask a simple question.

    Safe to say, get some lessons.

    Either that, or tackle answers above if you infinite patience!
  • muffsmuffs Posts: 17
    Cheers guys. All great stuff. Sod the bank account i've booked some lessons for next week.

    Thanks again

  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    muffs wrote:
    Sod the bank account i've booked some lessons for next week.
    Now THATS a triathlete!
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Thats some great advice well wrote and I fully agree.

    However you said the bank wasn't feeling the additional expence.

    If you want a simple get faster for the season and work on technique next off season.

    Go for to sessions per week. one endurance and the other speed.

    try intervals of different distance and rest.

    i.e 10 x 6 lengths (25m) with 1 min rest between
    i.e 20 x 2 lengths (25m) with 30 secs rest between.

    try and make both sessions about an hour, include warm up and cool down. Try some drills as mentioned. There's great examples on youtube!
    Once again I fully agree with whats been said above, but here's the cheaper short term solution to swimming quicker!

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Alternatively... 1 length each of left arm, right arm, catch-up, full-stroke.10 breaths rest.

    Repeat until you learn to pull and glide on full-stroke just like you are doing one handed. Works well for me.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Well done on booking lessons. You won't regret it (providing the coach isn't a total numpty! )
  • muffsmuffs Posts: 17
    I've often seen people doing that but I always thought that if I tried it I would end up going around in circles. I'll give it a go though.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Bopomofo wrote:
    Alternatively... 1 length each of left arm, right arm, catch-up, full-stroke.10 breaths rest.

    Repeat until you learn to pull and glide on full-stroke just like you are doing one handed. Works well for me.
    Bopo... Your single arm drills, are they with non pulling arm in front or trailing? I've tried the non-pulling arm trailing and end up drinking half the pool Should I persevere?
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Arm in front at first, which teaches stretch, glide and full stroke. Note that your moving arm should stretch out past your stationary arm when you reach forwards. Try to stay on your side throughout.

    The version with your still arm against your side is a bit/lot more advanced and teaches body roll. Roll or drown, really.

    Interesting exercise: count your strokes ie number of hand entries for both full and one-arm stroke. You might be surprised...
  • After years of debating getting a swim coach, I went went for it last night with some caution on what I would gain from it!

    We had one to one swim coach for an hour went halfers with a training bud. £21 each including a lane all to our self's!!! We were the envy of other swimmers in the zoo lanes!!

    in one session the coach has got me from avg 18 strokes per length down to 14!!!

    I'm not swimming any faster yet but, this is how I want to be swimming for sure!!

    Anyone thinking about a coach for some gains in the pool should def go for it!

  • I can't rate proper coaching enough. At my Masters Swim class on Wednesday, had a coached lesson in butterfly. Never managed a length before, but fater about 20 minutes of coaching, managed a total of 400m, and did 25m in the target of 10 strokes. My shoulders haven't worked properly since, but what the hell. This was then followed by coaching in backstroke and breastroke. Then when I got home last night the new 220 mag had arrived, and low and behold it tells you to train in the other three strokes othen than crawl. How smug do I feel.
  • Nice one,

    Note for butterfly, I tried medley sets at the start of Jan including 25 butterfly. Never been taught butterfly, however felt good during the set.
    Next day the left shoulder was done in. Didn't help I was hanging fire doors the next morning at work! Required 2-3 weeks off swimming and physio. Still feel it sometimes now when pushing really hard.

    Since I've been banned from butterfly!!
  • It's all in the technique and timing. Once it's properly explained and demonstrated it all make sense. When your hand come out of the water bring them together in front of you, then it's just like diving in and you sompletely submerge yourself, a few kicks, arms pushing back underneath you with a bit of lift, head up breath, and then dive back under. It's hard work, but it feells bloody good when it comes together. Another sesh tonight me thinks.
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