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Look Style vs SPD ????

I currently have Look style pedals but was thinking of moving to SPD's as the cleats don't look so cumbersome. Also my Look cleats wear down quickly from all the running in transition (have'nt quite mastered the shoes already on pedals bit yet).

Does anyone have any thoughts on which are best suited to triathlon?



  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Personally, I prefer the strength and stability of connection that look/spd-sl's offer over spd's. I use -sl's and the little feet they have mean the cleats seem to last a bit longer. Spuds are fine, the metal cleat lasts forever and if you can get recessed shoes then they are easier to walk/jog in.

    I find them less well connected to the pedals and much prefer the road cleat. Transition runs are pretty short compared to the amount of bike time so I wouldn't swap an easier run for a looser connection.

    Also, you won't find recessed cleat spd carbon bling tri-shoes, in red, so you can't match your footwear to your bike.
  • I really think you'd regret swapping to spd's , you'd be scarificing much more than you stand to gain.

    Also, I do quite a lot of Mountain Biking, where I use spd's, so I have no bias against them, but they are not as good as clipless (look) on the road.
  • I stick with the Look, spd'd would be a step backward when it comes to Tri
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Agree with what everyone else says.

    Spd's don't really cut it on a road bike, too much 'float'. I'd stick with what you've got. They are great on my mountain bike but that's where they are staying!

    I've pretty much tried all pedal systems and have settled on 'Time' pedals as the ones that work best for me. Easy to click in and out of and they look good.

    I didn't get on with 'Look' too well as I found them a bit fiddly to get in and out of.

    Spd sl were good but I wanted black pedals on my TT bike and really liked the feel of the Time pedals.
  • AndyMAndyM Posts: 7
    Cheers all - PC has been down so just read your advice. I think I have a resounding ansfer so will stick with what I have got.

    Happy 'Tri' in
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