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Knee Injury - Anyone used a sports clinic in London

I've managed to obtain a knee injury in December somehow caused by cycling. I'm not sure of the cause as my bike setup and training hadn't changed at all - however the problem now is that it just won't go away and I'm quite keen to get back on the bile again.

Can anyone recommend a sports clinic or physician in London. My GP ahs shrugged his shoulders, told me to rest and come back if it doesn't go away, so I'd like to see someone who has specialist knowledge about these sorts of things.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.



  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Do you have any private insurance through work? If so, then you just need to get your GP to refer you to a specialist, and take it from there.

    I don't know anything about the London area, though, so this probably isn't much help.

    For my knee injury, I used the GP - we have a good knee specialist in one of the private hospitals which does a lot of sports medicine. However, the insurance company wouldn't pay his fees - but I got him to suggest someone cheaper and good enough!

    For other injuries, I've used recommendations from my local club - in fact, my Physio is a club member - and knows a lot about the sort of injuries Triathletes get.
  • Magd
    I have used a couple of clinics in London for all of my treatments over the past few years. Ciaran McCoole at Injury Rehab in St John's Wood (020 7266 2368) is my physio and has been since helping me to recover from a disatrous knee operation after which I could not walk properly. He had me training within 3 months and competing at National level again (I was a beach sprinter then) in 6 months. On the sports physician side, I highly recommend Dr Mike Bundy at Pure Sports Medicine in Kensington (08447 700 800 or http://www.puresportsmed.com). These 2 gents have enabled me to continue training every day even though I have a collapsed disc (and am not as young as I used to be/think I am ). Dr Bundy is, I beleive, also the doctor for the RFU and sepcializes in knee and back injuries. I would recommend these two very highly.

    Hope it all goes well and you have a successful recovery!

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  • EdstgEdstg Posts: 83
    i second pure sports medecine in kensington, its pricey but they sorted out my iTB. Also try and see amanda lau, she's worth the money in my opinion for many reasons - 2 particualr ones i remember.
  • Thanks for the recommendations. I've been down to Pure Sports Med today and they were excellent.

  • I think that the clinic is kind of pricey, but you could rely on them. You just need to try it for you to develop your skills in biking again. You really have passion for biking and just keep on believing that you can still do it. Angioplasty
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I used Metis Physio in Covent Garden when i had some trouble with my calf/shin they were very good. http://www.metis-uk.com/pages/_frames/01_physiotherapy.jsp
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