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is this TT bike ok (for the TT bike experts!)?

After reading the many MANY "TT or road bike" threads on this forum and reading the various reasons from those with TT bike on why it is the best bet I have decided to get one. I had thought seriously about getting the parts seperate and putting together... but knowing my mechanical skills this is doomed to failure and an expensive one at that! (maybe in the future I will work on it over a few months!) So based on what I can afford, I found this one;


the money off is my kind of deal and I found a review from 220 that gave it 9 out of 10 which sounds good. Obviously I'm thinking the very worst and that this is too good to be true from my limited TT knowledge.

so if this doesn't get me faster on the bike then nothing will!!


  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Its not carbon! There, someone had to say it.
    However with that discount it does look a bargain.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    For the price its coming in at and the fact it comes with dura drive train suggests savings are made elsewhere. As mentioned its alloy but a good alloy frame will be better than a half baked carbon frame anyway.

    You'll probably end up spending more money on it - the aero bars and the wheels. Once you'e done that you would be better splashing a bit more in the first instance..

    Nice bike though.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    These have always had excellent reviews and at £600 off that's a cracking deal.

    Yes, it's not carbon. But I'm sure S11 is right, a really good alloy frame will be better than a cheap carbon one. You can go pretty quick on an good alloy frame, especially if you get the bike fitted properly.

    I'm guessing you would need to spend about £2000 to get a carbon-framed bike that was better than this.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Pretty sure zacnici on here has or had one. Pretty sure he loves it.

    Nice bike for the money.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Thanks Flavadave - cue me - Top bike

    I have the earlier model and yep for the money reckon it's a cracker. Mine was a different frame but this is more aero, internal cabling DA and FSA components and pretty bomb proof.

    The components alone are the cost of the bike so the frame is essentially free. In a few years if you want to upgrade, swap the components over onto a carbon frame but it will have to be a good carbon frame to improve on the Tria (suggest you then use a DA7900 BB if you do as most bike shops are more familiar with that BB than the Mega Exo)
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Looks like a pretty good deal to me

    In reality only you can decide - if it feels good for you then get it - if not then dont.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Oh yes and I forgot to add; in the same event over several years the bike leg went like this:

    2006 1:04 MTB
    2007 0:54 Road bike
    2008 0:49 Focus alu tri bike
    2009 0:49 Focus alu tri bike

    And if I refer you to my very first postings - 'The Old Question - Which Bike etc' in which I debated over and eventually got the Tria:
    My first run out was over a short 12K circuit, there was quite a gusty wind and as I am still tweeking the bars and seat and not used to be being 'aero' thought I would concentrate on getting a feel for the bike, transiting from upright to aero and vice versa. The circuit also includes some 'technical' bends so I was only able to get into aero for a few minutes at a time. Result - I completed the circuit in a comparable time to my Giant road bike but with what seemed to be far less effort, my runners legs felt perfectly at home - woo hoo! When I did get aero I found that I had to immediatley change up a gear as the effort required to cleave my way through the air was reduced and was therfore able to travel faster.
    Took the Tria for another spin this morning, still windy but not as gusty as yesterday. The route is a short one of 12K, 14 pronounced bends, another dozen which are deviations from route rather than bends, 60% of the route is on inclines of between 1 and 3% and road surface ranging from average country lane to 'where's the shock absorbers!'. Went aero for about 75% of the time, clocked a time that was 5 minutes faster than yesterday on the same route and 2 1/2 minutes faster than my PB when weather was perfect! Astounded.
    On all my training runs turning in average improvement of 10% on my times. Focus was yet to be tried in competion.

    Did the Norwich Sprint, did a projected time based on my old bike and turned in a time about 4 minutes under on the Focus (best guestimate as timing for my and many other competitors went skewiff). Overtook or caught up with about 12 others (I had a rubbish swim) only 2 people overtook me and they were those who should have done, i.e. 23-25 year olds on £3,500 plus bikes. Could have gone faster but not used to the speed it can churn out so hung back a bit as my intent was to get a feel for the bike under race conditions so might have been able to shave off another minute or so, but objective met and more.

    Not only that, have been turning times for the 5Km run of 22mins on tarmac and 24mins X country - this time just over 20 minutes and that was X country! Legs were much fresher into the run and got into my stride almost immediately. Not bad for a 51 year old with knackered knees, back etc.
    So yes I am a a fan of the Tria
  • Morg007Morg007 Posts: 54
    thank you all for the feedback. I have now ordered it and my fiance is already getting annoyed as I won't shut up about my shiney new toy Although she has said she will get me an aero helmet to go with it (or alien looking helmet as she puts it!) for Xmas/bday (1 week apart) so I can go fully aero

    Zacnici - its also great to have advise from someone who has it and sounds like I've made a great decision. Cheers... now all I've got to do is get the peddles/cleats, new shoes and decide if I'm going aero with the drinks bottle too or just normal.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Morg007 I'm sure you will enjoy your new steed, you must post on the thread Bike Porn and you must name it.

    Top fiancee getting you the aero helmet, you need to search on the forum for WAT

    Aero drink bottle

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