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Bike shops- London????

Can anyone recommend a really good bike/ tri shop in London (South West London even better!!!). Basically I need to upgrade and know that half the secret is to research research research and find a good place- that normally isn't a chain and has knowledgable and more importantly people that care working in it!!!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated


  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    theres a big bike and run shop in holborn... near the tube. dont know if it is any good.
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I would suggest you avoid Evans cycle's unless you get discount using ride2work, or know exactly what bike and what size you need....
  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    GB cycles in croydon is a great shop to go to - huge selection and good advice - a bit out of your way but woudl recomned the trek for the varity of bike they stock.

    no i don t work for them - they have a website too
  • polyotterpolyotter Posts: 17
    triandrun are based in wimbledom and chigwell www.triandrun.com
  • Swim Bike Run (SBR) is on Fulham Road and has a reasonable collection. I bought my bike there last year and they have the measuring equipment and PC programmes to size you correctly and set up the bike (it's free if you then buy a bike). They are also all experienced cyclists/triathletes so should be able to give good advice.

    Other good shops that I've been to are Condor cycles near Grays Inn Road (nearish Holborn - it might be the one that sfuller refers to ). I'd probably agree with Lucky about Evans - you could get lucky with the time of day (they can be really busy) or the person who serves you, but their main focus seems to be on selling commuter bikes and accessories.

  • KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    I'd second the advice to get down to triandrun. I've just ordered a new bike from them at their Chigwell store and you get the full treatment and best of all a bike that is custom sized for you rather than an off the peg job.
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    The Shop I was referring to is Cycle Surgery, nerar Holborn Tube....
  • scottwscottw Posts: 3
    Sigma Sport in Hampton Wick (near Kingston Bridge) are pretty good. Very helpful and a decent range of kit/bikes. Best go on a weekday as every time I've been there at the weekend its been jammed as its quite tight for space
  • In my experience Triandrun in East Sheen and SBR on Fulham road both offer good customer service, knowledgeable staff and a good range of tri-specific products. Condor cycles in Holborn are also very good although more geared towards road biking than tri.

    Avoid Evans - bought a training bike from them and it was poorly set up. Took it back for my first free service telling them of a problem with the bottom bracket which they didn't even bother to look at. Might as well call it Argos Bikes for the level of expertise I experienced.

  • craftycrafty Posts: 9
    I'd highly recommend Prologue in Mortlake - http://www.prologuebikes.com/

    I bought a bike from them a couple of months ago after a fair ammount of shopping around. They really know their stuff and gave me a grat deal.

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