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Late to the Training Party

I am signed up to compete in Wimbleball 70.3 in 7 weeks and have only just started bike / swim training having been focussed on running the London marathon. I have completed several Olympic tri's (c.2hr 30mins) but have never done a half Ironman before. There are loads of plans out there but not for such a short length of time - accepting I'm not going to trouble the leaders with so little training time, can anyone advise on a training prog for the next 6 weeks (+1 week taper), particularly for the bike/swim + bricks? I can train c.15 hrs per week (don't tell the wife!) and want to try and integrate my daily bike commute if possible (c.30km, flat & in London. So not the best). Help please!


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    *blows out cheeks*

    caveat - I know stuff all about this, this is just a random brain dump to maybe make you feel better, and for somebody to shoot down with some REAL help!

    sounds like you've have the run nailed by definition, so just keep that ticking along - nothing huge needed here I wouldn't have thought.

    if you can commute by bike each way a couple of times a week (say) that should give a reasonable base - just work on long rides at the weeks increasing in distance. You have 40 Km under your belt OK presumably (OD) so maybe try 60 Km next week and build weekly to 90 as your last one?

    How's your open water swimming? If it needs work get yourself into a lake soon as and start! That said, HIM distance is only 400m more than OD distance so you'll probably manage fine.

    Seems to me that your focus probably needs to be your bike so concentrate on that in particular. Bricks - yeah ... you could run a bit off the bike after your home commute and try a couple of longish bricks - say run for an hour after your weekend long ride (see above).

    I don;t think you'll need to train 15 hours a week.

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