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Best Tri Club in London?

Bound to be an emotive one...

I'm a member of TFN in Nottingham (an excellent club), but am in the process of relocating to London and as the nights start to get lighter I'll need some encouragement out of tri-hibernation.

So where should I start my quest for some new training buddies? Key would be:

Decent coaching at all levels (ie not just the elite)
Plenty of stuff going on (swim sessions, track sessions, rides, maybe MTB or AR outings, etc...)

Cheers all!


  • After the BCTTT - simply legendary I suppose you have to look at Hillingdon Tri

    Just voted tri club of 2010 ( the BCTTT kindly pulled out of the running as we didn't want to upset anyone)

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    London is a rather large place, what part of London are you/will you be in? and how far/long are you willing to travel to train? There are quite a few tri clubs in London...or just join the BCTTT, its much better than any other club
  • You can't go wrong with Thames Turbo TC based in Hampton. (West London)

  • You can if you live in north London

    ( sorry I had too)

    no they do seem pretty good - their sprint race series is very good - great coaching from what I've heard .
  • ukjmrukjmr Posts: 4
    You're right, and Hillingdon is very much on the outskirts! I work in Victoria and currently stay in Camberwell, so pretty central on both counts. That said, I'm looking to buy as soon as the market picks up back in Derbyshire and am looking mainly SW; anywhere from Kingston to Croydon (my criteria is 'must be able to bike to work' since it's the only training I get some weeks)!

    I had a look at BCTTT website. I'm a little nonplussed!
  • I had a look at BCTTT website. I'm a little nonplussed!
    Why ? What can be done to make it better ?

    What are you looking for ?
  • ukjmrukjmr Posts: 4
    I'm not saying it's not good - it made me smile a lot. I'm just used to seeing stuff like "We meet at suchandsuch baths on a Wednesday night and soandso track on Thursdays"!

    I may well go back to basics and join one of the rookie days though.
  • It's true, we don't really have set sessions in the London chapter of the BCTTT. The London group meet up at some weekends and do rides down into surrey, out to windsor, etc. I swim down at new addington or purley pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and when they open again at either Heron lake or liquid leisure on a saturday. Near Croydon there is the South London harriers tri club, and there is Kingfisher tri in Kingston.

    You're welcome to join me for swim sessions, but I'm quite slow and my technique isn't that good (ask hussler) - it's getting better though. Also, we'll post on here from now on when there is going to be a weekend group ride. Sometimes this is only 2/3 of us, but we had a ride of the windsor tri course a few weeks ago with about 9 people.
  • joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    BCTTT all the way for me!
  • ukjmrukjmr Posts: 4
    So far then there have been votes for BCTTT, Hillingdon, Thames Turbo, London Harriers and Kingfisher.

    I think I need the discipline of regular sessions to get my arse in gear and do the training, so whilst I'll certainly investigate BCTTT further for some ad-hoc stuff, are there any current members of the above lot who can give their thoughts?

    I've seen the team colours at the Club Relays, but that's as far as it goes!

    Oh, and what about Serpentine? They are pretty central. Any thoughts on them?
  • Serpentine http://www.serpentine.org.uk/
    Tri London http://www.trilondon.co.uk/
    Ful On http://www.fulontri.com/

    All of these should be a bit more accessible for North London.
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