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Physical condition after my first Duathlon

I posted the other day regarding my first duathlon on Saturday - finished - great.
Backs of legs were very painful so went out for bike ride with club sunday morning for a couple of hours which seemed to help.

Last night (Sunday) though I had a really restless sleep as my left knee has shooting pains, my legs in general have become very stiff and painful and the backs of feet (achilees?) i's as if I can feel a small tube moving up and down when I walk.

Tell me this is all normal when you are just a beginner all have I done something wrong in terms of not warming up/down correctly.

The way I'm feeling now I'm thinking i'll never run or bike again!


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hey, well congrats on finishing.

    As far as post-race recovery, I think your club ride might have been good if you took it easy and didnt overdo it, being all psyched after the race.

    I think everyone has their own ritual, but I can give you some general ones which work for me. Loads of stretching (never really do enough), compression tights to sleep in and the old heat and cold treatment of the legs in the shower. If my legs are feeling particularly rough the night after, I try to give them a rub down too which usually helps too.

    As far as the "small tubes" in your achilles goes, Im currently recovering from achilles tendonitis at the moment and have the same feeling in my achilles. Feels like the tendon isnt stretching smootly. I would watch out for that. Mybe get some ice on it, some NSAIDs for a few days, loads of calf stetching and work back into stengthening the calves with straight and bent leg heel raises.

    Good luck, rest up and then get strong for the next one!
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