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New Planet X frame Upgrade

MGMG Posts: 470
Was having a butchers through Tritalk yesterday and saw this post from Planetx.

Its only an idea but its gathering momentum, and surely not a bad deal if you have an old PX frame.....

Anyone wewere thinking about running an upgrade programme for current sl carbon owners

probably 300 quid to upgrade , and 50 quid more if we do the labour (strip down / rebuild) plus 25 quid more if we have to arrange pick up / drop off We should be able to schedule rebuilds on the spot for callers . .

togethor with an option to go back if the customer cant notice a difference / prefers old bike

Think well get the two frames on a test rig to get some exact numbers on stiffness , then tie the above in with a cheesy headline

"Guaranteed to get you 30% stiffer and 500g lighter within 72 hours"

If any tritalkers want to "test" the above drop me a mail , it might be a good way for customers to get a "new" bike without spending a fortune .

Just an idea
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