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Injury advice.

After a fairly successful season last year ending with the New forest Middle, I know find myself injured for the first time and at what I think is a critical time with the new season upon us.
The problem is Runners Knee. It was initially mis-diagnosed as nothing wrong but is now being treated.
I would welcome any comments or advice as to how long this condition lasts and why it seems to be at it's worst on my by bikes when there is no impact! ( I have had both bikes, cleats etc properly fitted).
I have been out for 6 weeks now and am going nuts, but at least my swimming has improved!!!!


  • revershedrevershed Posts: 49
    Had it myself, best advice I can give is to see a physio.
  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    Somewhat similar question asked in other thread and i replied there, so quoting for you. It may can help you...
    Okay let's try to sort this out, first be confident about symptoms,

    Knee pain located on the outer side of the knee joint.
    Pain may radiate up the thigh or down the outer side of the shin.
    Pain exacerbated by running or cycling activities and settles down with rest.

    If you are sure you have runners knee, then first try Ice Packs & Cold Therapy, if you want to use Band then be sure that you are providing a compressive force above and below the knee cap. Dual Action Knee Strap will help you.

    Try this and let us know if its work or not.
  • DocmartinDocmartin Posts: 17
    There are several potential causes of problems around the knee.
    - iliotibial band
    - patello femoral
    - meniscus

    You really need a careful examination and history by someone who understands not only the potential problems but also the fact you are an athlete, motivated and driven to exercise!

    A good sports physio is probably the best starting point.
    RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation are the fundamentals of treating any such injury. Without proper rest early in the injury you can quickly turn an acute problem into a chronic problem. Pool based exercise can help maintain fitness whilst resting the knee from cycling/running.
    A cheap but effective ice pack is a bag of frozen peas - wrap in a tea towel and apply regularly (avoid an ice burn!).

    Good luck.
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