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Turbo training - swapping between road and turbo

I am a bit of a numpty when it comes to bike techie stuff so bear with me.
I recently got a turbo trainer and I bought myself a hard compound tyre so I didn't wreck my normal tyre.
My mate said he would lend me a spare wheel so I could put the trainer tyre on one wheel and then I could just swap wheels out when I wanted to hit the road. Now when he gave me the wheel there is no cassette on it. I then realised I would need to buy a new cassette to put on the spare wheel. He also said to buy a new chain. When I quizzed him on why, he said that the chain wears the cassette out and simliarly the cassette wears the chain out so they fit together like the ball and socket joint in your knee. On the face of it , that makes sense, however I have another mate who reckons this is a load of tosh and it only makes a massive difference if you are doing 1000's of miles.
So my question is who is right? I'll probably be putting in anything between 60-100k a week over the winter. What do other people do when switching between turbo and road?
Cheers in advance


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    The fit of chain to cassette does occur but it happens over time unless the transmission is negelected. Let's face it you are not going to run the same chain and cassette combo forever but the chain will show signs of stretch and wear first, you should be checking chain wear and replacing your chain as needed.
    Or http://www.parker-international.co.uk/3 ... gn=pid3001

    What you may want to do is get a new chain and a different ratio cassette e.g. if you have a 11-23 then get a 12-27 that will give you some flexibility with races.

    Important thing is to ensure you need same chain length, a calculator here:
    http://www.machinehead-software.co.uk/b ... hcalc.html
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I think you will find your knee isnt a ball and Socket joint.....

    Imagine what your legs would do if it was tho!
  • PMSL - well spotted Hussler

    Your mate needs an A&P lesson
  • sproutsprout Posts: 9
    Hussler - Good spot but if you had seen my mates knees its not such a difficult thing to believe
    Zacnici - cheers for the advice
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