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Overtraining or Not?


I am having a bit of problem at the moment. Almost two ago i did a pretty hard ride (i think i was not fully recovered from a previous ride as i struggled a bit) and now my legs have been feeling really tired and lacking power ever since, but only when cycling. I havent done any cyle training since, only a a short 10 min bike to work each day.

The thing is, i cant tell if i have overtrained or if it is ok to go out at the weekends and do a easy cycle? My morning HR is normal and i still feel pretty good, my swimming and running are still fine. Its just the biking that is the problem. What should i do? I dont want to loose all biking fitness and I also dont want to risk overtraining (if im not already there?)


  • Two what? Weeks or years!!!

    I'm guessing two weeks since your hard ride and its likley to be overtraining to one degree or another.
    When I overtrain I turn into an insomniac and feel exhausted constantly, its never specific to any discipline or exercising I do, just a general physiological thing.

    May be just a case of your leg muscles needing time to recover. Would be beneficial to do structured cycle training to build endurance and leg strength when it feels ok to do so, but I'd rest the legs for a week or two or do a few high cadence/low intensity rides to keep fitness up.

    What distances are you cycling weekends?
  • I do about 70 miles on a Saturday, i havent been smashing it, just riding it pretty easy. During the weeks i am on the turbo Tues and Thurs, about 1hr 30 min sessions, these consist of two 30 min efforts with HR of 155 and warm up and down. I was feeling pretty good doing this and then suddenly after one ride when i went for it i just cant recover and get a burning feeling in my thighs really easily?
  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    Check your nutrition - usually one of the main culprits in delaying recovery. Good balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg and protein
  • you could use the Delta test to see if your body needs a rest:

    Another way to make sure you are not over-training is by monitoring your "delta" heart rate.

    To do this, lie down and watch your heart rate monitor. When it goes as low as its going to get, which could take two minutes, note the number.

    Now stand up. Your heart rate will spike. Wait for 1 min. Then subtract the reclining rate from the standing rate. The smaller the number, the better.

    If the number is:

    0-20: You are good to go. (0-9 is considered excellent; 10-20 is considered average.)
    20-30: Do a light workout (active rest day).
    30-over: Take the day off.

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