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HELVELLYN vs Ironman 70.3(UK)

Thinking about entering the former, anyone done both these races and thoughts on which is the tougher race?



  • Unless your a pro or going to enter for the rotary -the 70.3 is SOLD OUT.
  • I did Helvellyn last year. It was totally different to any Tri I'd done before, purely because of the ball busting cycle route, and the fact that you finish by running up and then down the 3rd highest mountain in England!!!.
    All that said it was totally satisfying in such a beautiful location. I'd do it again this year if I weren't doing Imuk. Enjoy
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Thanks for that,

    I really fancy it but still doing some soul searching cause its a big step up from sprints and olympic distances I've been doing!

    looks a big challenge!
  • mickwoodmickwood Posts: 93
    Trisurfer, worry not for you now know who will be last....ME! I haven't even done my first Triathlon yet (got my first sprint next week) and I've entered Helvellyn

    I figured, why not!? It'll give me a good goal to aim for at the end of the season!

    Enter it.....you know you want to
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Ha!! Thanks for the vote of confidence!!!

    I'm getting closer and closer to entering it!!
    Ah, why not,
    See you on the start line mick!!
  • Now you've done it, get your legs up them fells!!!!!!.............tarmac it aint!!!
  • mickwoodmickwood Posts: 93
    Nice one Trisurfer!

    I'll be the fat bloke sweating at the back (That is if I haven't drowned during the swim!)

    I'm gonna try and organise a visit up there for a weekend before the actual race. Just to do the bike route and run I reckon? Any excuse for a weekend in the lakes
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