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Switzerland 2011?

Hi All.

I am going to enter IM Switzerland when registration open in july this year, i was wondering what the entry fee for this event is likely to be as i am unable to find it anywhere on the website?

Has anyone on the forum entered for this years race and if so what did it cost?

Just want to make sure i am saving enough each month to finance entry and trip.

Thanks in advance.


  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Sounds like a plan! I signed up for this years but due to the first little un' about to arrive in July I decided to cancel.

    If memory serves I paid 390 euros (I got 75% back incidentally). Flights and accomodation was another few hundred GBP on top of that (5 nights). Nirvana Europe to good packages which takes care of everything from flights, transfers, transport to and from transition etc. Also, there's other extra's you may wish to take up such as tickets for the pasta night, medal ceremony, and you'll definitely be wanting to part with your hard earned readies for all the IMCH finisher merchandise.

    Expensive business, but I'm sure it will worth every penny when you cross the line arms aloft!
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I've entered this year but added a few extras such as banquet tickets and reserving my number.

    You won't get much change out of £400, especially with the exchange rate being so bad!!!
  • Hi There

    I entered this year,cost 420 euros, about 390 quid at the time - as for flights etc Easyjet have just started to fly to Zurich (from May this year) and you can get flights with bikes etc for under £100 - was toying with the idea of driving over as well - Norfolk Lines go really cheap from Dover to Dunkerque (about 58 quid return) and then its the just the fuel, which if you go down via Germany is much cheaper than the spanking that we get over here!!! We were gunna camp as well and there are a few sites right on the doorstep of the Ironman start!!!
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    erm.... I was just talking about the entry fee!!!

    Flights for me and the Mrs £250 with swissair and hotel accomodation £650 for almost a full week, so yep, deffo no change out of £1000 and by the time we get home I'm guessing not much change out of £2000 as Zurich isn't exactly the cheapest place on the planet!!!!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Flavadave wrote:

    If memory serves I paid 390 euros (I got 75% back incidentally).
    Eh? I ended up paying 420 euro... how'd you get a discount Dave?

    Yeah flights and accomidation hit me too - but BA flights for me and the GAT officer came to £120 on BA (just pray they don't strike) from London City airport, which was a great deal, but i booked the day after the flights went on sale. Got a reasonable deal on the hotel too, again booked early (hotels.com was brilliant for price) so not much change from a grand... oh and don't forget the excess bagage cost of the bike (which i'm yet to pay) a bike box and what not ... maybe i should have gone for Bolton
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    Well I paid the full entry price + 550 for a hotel for myself and the gf, and 330 for flights from Dublin.

    Not to mention a new planet x back in Nov.

    Anything else I need??

    Oh ye a bleeding box for my bike.. Which reminds me 60 e/w to bring a bike with aer lingus
  • robertc2robertc2 Posts: 8
    Hi all

    i will be trying to enter the 2011 race so that i can have my tatoo.

    does anyone know of a training plan that i could possibley follow as i will be working like most otheres here and i don't like too many early mornings.

    my swim is pretty good 30min mile and half and i will be doing a 2mile swim in september in race format so i will have a good idea how i feel after it.

    also has anyone got any idea whether i should get a planet x or an off the shelf bike i like the fact i can have one for 2grand and have some extra bits. and im not seeing anything close with the main stream bikes...

    any help would be welcome.

    also good Luck to all those that will be checking the course ready for me next year LOL be safe and fast....
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