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Duston Triathlon

A friend and I went and rode round the Duston Tri bike course on Saturday .

Just a warning to anyone who has entered this race , but the road conditions are an absolute nightmare , so many potholes its unbelieveable !!!!

Anyway I enjoyed the course , a bit of a challenge .

Anyone doing it ?


  • WilderjWilderj Posts: 9
    It was bad last year so I am not surprised. The worst stretch last year was in Duston after you turn left at the mini roundabout, is that still the case? Its still an enjoyable event though and I have entered again this year.
  • mickwoodmickwood Posts: 93
    Yes mate, I've entered it! It's only my second Tri though (just did East Leake on Sunday!) so I'm looking forward to it. What's the bike course like?
  • Thanks for the heads up, appears the roads are consistent with the rest of the county

    I was going to ride the course next week as a warm up to the Duston Tri which will be my first, probably a good job that I'll be riding a MTB!

    Hey ho, we've all got to start somewhere shame I have to loose fillings at the same time
  • GrahamRGrahamR Posts: 15
    Are we talking:

    1. Potholes to make you need to stay alert.
    2. Potholes that mean I should not use the shiny new aero bars I have.
    3. Potholes big enough for me to need my full suspension mountain bike!

    I'm looking forward to it as a learning experience as my first Tri.
    I reckon that if you stay away from the side of the road and are vigilant around that sharp right corner in Duston (near the shops I think, and around speed bumps) then you'll manage ok - but don't get caught in a lump of people or you'll not see what's coming in time! Once you're out of Duston it does get less pot-holey, just that the road isn't smooth to roll over so is less comfortable than some. Only 12 miles tho so not too bad... Good luck!
  • In case anyone is not aware, the start time have now been posted on the official web site

    Good luck everyone who has entered!
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    Good luck to all on Sunday . maybe see you there .

  • GrahamRGrahamR Posts: 15
    See you all there. I've got a 10.32 start so plently of time to get nervous! last minute swim tonight to try to remember how, I can't do my usual trick of taking 200m to settle into my stroke. Every little helps!
  • Ditto

    Good luck everyone

    GrahamR, I go at 10.17 so anticipate you flying past me on your bike at some point, I'll be the village idiot on the GT Zasker MTB!
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    I'm off at 10.17 as well No 258 .

    Give me a shout !!

    Remember to breath in the swim if its your first Tri .
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