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April Duathlons in unpredictable weather

Has anyone got any wicked pieces of kit that they swear by?

I'm doing Emberton Duathlon this weekend and don't know what to wear that's super-versatile and that I can roll down/up/tie down during the run (when I'll be panting and sweating buckets), then modify for the bike leg to keep everything warm?

The thought of bare knees and arms is frankly naasty, especially at 8.30 in the morning on a potentially cold and windy day.... Yurk! Arm warmers, not bad, but still those nippy shoulders.... okay! I know I'm a wimp okay!!

Any ideas anyone???


  • joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    Well I did a duathlon on Monday and it was freezing before the start and a very cold North wind...I'm rubbish in the cold, but just wore tri suit, with a long sleeve running top and leggings...gloves, which I threw off on the run and then promptly forgot to get afterwards! I reckon you'll warm up sooner than you think, so go light...it's advice I've been given many a time and ignored but wish I hadn't! Good luck, I did Emberton last year and it was freezing at the start but by the end really warm!
  • BradsterBradster Posts: 23
    Did Emberton last year and got the layers correct. Had cycle top over my trisuit, thin pair of leggings and booties and arm warmers with gloves. As i warmed up arm warmers down and cycle top zipped down just enough to keep cool, but not too cool, and gloves came off and got stuffed into back of cycle top.
    Was warm enough on the bike and kept cool on the runs.
    Will be using this combo again on Sun.

    Good Luck
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about my knees - if the weather was definitely going to be cold, I would go for trisuit plus thermal or compression ss top, arm warmers, gloves if it's really bitter, maybe compression socks or calf guards. Toe warmers on top of your cycling shoes, or just tape the vents.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    thats a plus 1 for taping your shoe vents. keep those pinkies warm!
  • did duathlon a couple of weeks ago in a freezing northern ireland,
    wore tri-suit + t. shirt + arm warmers,plenty warm enough after 1st km,
    if your getting cold your not pushing hard enough
    Ha ha! My God, you're right! I'm not pushing hard enough for my knees to be warm in the wind (told you I was a wimp)...

    Thanks everyone for your helpful hints - I'll definitely tape the toes (good one), wear the warmers and take onboard what you've said about keeping it light etc. Look out for the blue-kneed one in the pack!
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