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Open Water Swim Races

Due to injury I am unable to run or bike so have decided to do some open water swim races instead.

There are plenty of 3.8km swims on offer, but then it seems the distance jumps to 10km. Why aren't there any shorter 5km races?

Does anyone know of any open water events that are longer than 3.8km in this country?


  • PetabPetab Posts: 13
    Try this website, there are various events/distances on here.


    The only issue with some of these is that you require your own support ie. friends in a canoe.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655

    what a fantastic resource...

    but what a GHASTLY website!

  • http://www.mysportingtimes.com/tri20-swim-centre.htm

    It's buried in their site, but the last thur in the month they have swim trials over 750, 1500 or 3800m mass start.

    Nice lake should be fun.
  • Pebbles93Pebbles93 Posts: 21
    Thanks, looks like some varied distances offered by the BLDSA. Not sure if I'm allowed to enter with a wetsuit, but that may give me a legitimate excuse for eating all those cakes on holiday - it's all insulation

    I'm definitely going to enter some of the 3.8km swims at Reading - will be christening my new wetsuit there soon.
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