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Campag or Shimano

I've now bought my frame, forks and bars etc for my Time trial/Triathlon bike build (thanks for the reply doogle). I now would appreciate some views about the benefits of Campag versus Shimano. More specifically I intend to buy my crank and derailleurs from Fleabay or from one of the forum classifieds and I really want to get good quality as cheaply as poss. What do people recommend for lightness and reliability. I'm happy to go for older kit as long as I can get the spares to repair and service it. You guy's got any suggestions or do you run some older kit that has never let you down? I'll be looking for 10 speed with 172.5 crank length and I'm not too fussed if its compact or standard. Cheers


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I have FSA Gossamer (Mega Exo) compact cranks on 2 bikes (also have a standard in my bits box), picked one up for £36 on ebay and the chainrings widely available, good quality and inexpensive. I have 52 and 50t outers, 39,36 and 34 inners.

    Highly recommend Dura Ace 7900 BB as I think a tad better than the Mega Exo. I have Shimano 105 front and rear mechs on my road (ebay £35) and SRAM Rival on my tri. Rival rear mechs reputed to be bullet proof and require little if any adjustment once set up. SRAM OG cassettes on both.
  • Although I've heard campag are good quality, there's not much in the way of availability of parts, they tend to have to be ordered such is the stranglehold of Shimano/SRAM and there's no compatability.

    A mate of mine tried to replace some chainrings and cassette on his bike for a mountains trip and had to order the stuff.

    I would look to SRAM if possible.
  • doogledoogle Posts: 58
    when i specced the Ribble i used chain reaction cycles for most stuff and purchased the end of line items. got things like 105 brake calipers for £18, 105 chainset £25. am only using 9spd so could get older models but only spent about £100 using them and ebay plus parts i already have.

    if this bike is a temporary measure like you said i would look at old stock etc.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    If the frame and forks are Italian then it has to be campag.
    Otherwise put on what looks the nicest.
  • I have run both campag and shimano and honestly difficult tp tell the difference in performance. they feel a little different but thats it.

    I now have SRAM Rival and love it i find the change smooth and the change 1 click 2 click method really convenient.

    i hopefully will be changeig to SRAM RED next year
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