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Are we being spammed?

Anybody notice a theme in the most recent adverts that they are from users with only one post - their own advert?

Are we being spammed, or conned, or is it just a coincidence...?


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Hmmm...not sure. Can't really stop people registering to sell something tri related tho.
  • Bungle79Bungle79 Posts: 9
    Didn't realise that there had to be a minimum amount of topics posted before you could sell something?!
    Are people not to be trusted until they have had at least 10 discussions about which foot they like to start running with first or what type of rain annoys people most?
    Well if that's the case, here goes...... my right foot and sideways.

    Only 9 more and someone might want my goggles.
    The sarcasm will not be so evident in the next ones.
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