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IM UK 2012/Outlaw...thoughts?

Congrats to anyone who has just completed IM UK or the Outlaw.

I'm looking at doing IM next year after doing IM UK 70.3 this year. However I've just gone on to IM website and it is £375 + 20 as opposed to probs £250 for the Outlaw.

I only ever want to do one Iron distance race and next year is perfect to complete it with a year relatively free of commitments. So wanted to hear from any guys or girls who have done either on whether IM UK is 'worth' that over the Outlaw. There is no denying that each is just as hard, but I have a reserved feeling that 140.3 miles is a long way to go to then feel a bit disappointed that you aren't an Ironman.

Again this is nothing to do with extra achievement or ego but just a thought of mine.

All views welcome and appreciated.



  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Starting with a disclaimer that I volunteer an a semi - regular basis for OSB (for free), I reckon that you should do the Outlaw over the UKIM, unless you really want the M Dot on your racing CV.

    The course is good, the organisation second to none, and it's 2/3 the price! The racing is just as high a standard, though it doesn't (yet?) attract a very international field.

    There are reviews of both on www.tritalk.co.uk - I would recommend you read some and decide for yourself whether you think IMUK justifies the premium for the same of the brand.
    On the other hand, the £125 difference is probably not a dealbreaker considering your investment in time, kit, fuel, hotels and travel for an event like this anyway.

    Or, MTFU and do them both
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    Depends whether you feel a fraud saying your an Ironman without doing a branded event. For me my first had to be an official Ironman. If you are only going to do one then why limit yourself to the UK? It is a special feeling running up the finishing chute. There are plenty of great European races (just did Ironman Frankfurt as my first) put on by Ironman and Challenge, and you can make a little holiday of it.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I have done the Outlaw twice now and it was f#### hard for me but I did it. Do I feel I have done something lesser? No absolutely not.

    IMUK is a DotM franchised event and for a lot of people doing a DotM event is the icing on the cake.

    I think it is rather like people wanting to do the London Marathon or London Triathlon it is 'the' event and for some there is a sense of a greater achievement in doing the London Marathon than say the Mablethorpe Marathon.

    Colleagues and friends asking about the Outlaw invariably asked me 'how did the Ironman go?' The distinction is lost on them and they have as much interest in the difference as what machine I do my 'hoovering' with or what type of 'biro' I write with. It is for this reason DotM are very protective.

    I do find it interesting that the term 70.3 is used without any such qualms, 70.3 is registered with DotM and is subject to the same copyright protection yet many a question asked on this and other fora is 'which 70.3 shall I do'; in the UK strictly speaking there is only one. Question, at the DotM UK 70.3 is the finisher heralded as 'Joe Bloggs you are an Ironman'

    So to throw it back to the OP, what is more important to you, the distance or the event?
  • after reading a few reports from both, it seems outlaw is the way to go,
    unless you have the pockets for one of the euro im.

    having done the euro champs in spain this year, racing in europe brings with it its own problems, flights, car hire, missing bike [ not in my case, but a team mate, i compete & live in ireland, but same probs for all no doubt], food, accomodation,
    great expierence, but preparing for an oly is easy, you can do any no. in a season,
    preparing for iron, for me, i want it simple.

    i'm hoping to do outlaw myself next year, i.t.b. allowing,
    and have not rushed in to the descion as , obviously, this is another overseas trip for me & feel i may only have one iron distance race in me. outlaw looks good to me,
    so IMHO........
  • I did the Outlaw last year. One reason was the cost and the other was the excellent reveiws compared to the not as good Ironman reveiws. I live in the Northwest and have rode the bolton route wich is harder than the outlaw. Ironman will be a tougher test and looking back if I was to do only one then MDOT it would have to be.
    The outlaw was my first step going long and i shall be looking to get the Mdot box ticked this year or next.

    Outlaw great day loads of aid stations on the run (flat) cheaper well run event.
    Ironman harder course get the badge cost is more.

    Your call but they both need respecting one for the hills and the other for the speed. Bet you do another one after
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