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Turn The Speed Function Off

At the start of last week the speed sensor on my polar CS400 packed in, dead battery I guess. Was slightly frustrated to find out at the start of a long ride. The result was left with my cadence and heart rate to go on. The result is that without a speed reading, or distance covered to smile back and blow up my ego's arse I have focused for the last six/seven sessions on matching a low heart rate (zone 1 am in pre base period) with a high cadence (95rpm). Guess what real consistency all round, took it out into the hills today to see if it would hold up and more or less did. Next step will be to record data but tape up over the computer to feel for what is happening out on the road.

I believe Chrissie Wellington does not normally use a heart rate monitor etc.. I can now see the point in really spending time to tune in to your body of use your subconcious to control a lot of your effort. The real trick is being able to do this in zone 3 and thats why Chrissie Wellington is wher she is and I am not!


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Did Helvellyn on Sunday. Having not done a long one before did lots of pacing calculations in preparation.

    On the day my Garmin 310 wouldn't fire up - battery discharged itself overnight - & my bike computer went blank after a km or so. Had to rely on my watch which has three hands & goes tick. Fine for the bike but I overcooked the climb to Helvellyn & lost lots on the downhill - normally a strength.

    So tuned in yes but turned the volume up at the wrong time

  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I don't know about using your subconscious to control your effort - I think that would result in a significant drop in effort levels. Racing is hard. Controlling your effort is a conscious decision. (IMHO)
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