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Slovenia - Lake Bled

So I just got back (Monday) from Slovenia where I spent the long weekend in Lake Bled.
I insist everyone go there for a few days during the summer months for some fantastic OW swim opporunity in spring clear warm water, also running, biking, hiking .. and general well being. It was amazing !

(That's our hotel hidden in the trees on the left bank .. Hotel Villa Bled).



  • Nice very nice but at £230 per person per night I'll give it a swerve

    That lake does look stunning though
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    View from the castle/monastary at the top of the hill?
    I went last year but didnt swim however I did see the size of the catfish that were in there.

    In fact from the castle I looked over the wall and saw all these dark shapes in the water and then noticed people swimming in like a bunded area...the fish were as big as the people...easily 2m long.

    Google Lake Bled catfish. Do it...and be fearful of OW swimming forever!
  • the very same view.
    Agreed on the high price of the hotel, we got an early expedia deal (booked in Jan), wouldn't have paid up front costs when that could be better spent on something carbon.

    Yes I saw some of those big fish .. luckliy not while I was swimming though. I was out for some dawn swims across to the Island alone ... so very alone .. in the water.

    Sharktopus !
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