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Off Road Triathlons for 2012

I am trying to put together a calendar for UK Off-Road Triathlons for 2012.

Here's what I have already resourced:

XT Triathlon (Scot X Tri Series) http://www.allabouttriathlons.co.uk/eve ... thlon.html
Mud & Mayhem (Scot X Tri Series) http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/mud_and_mayh ... _triathlon
Ampleforth http://www.ukmtbtri.co.uk/events.html
Coniston/Grizedale (Scot X Tri Series) http://www.ukmtbtri.co.uk/events.html
Durty Triathlon (Scot X Tri Series) http://www.durtytriathlon.com
Tameside XL Triathlon http://www.uberfitevents.com/tameside.html
Clacton Triathlon http://www.clactontriathlon.co.uk/

All suggestions would be appreciated.
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