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Good first Olympic tri

Hi All

After some bedgering from a mate i finally succumbed to having a go at triathlon this summer despite my appalling swimming ability. I did the sprint castle howard triathlon and loved it. I have done 2 more sprints since finishing with capernwray in the Lakes yesterday and have decided to take the plunge and sign up doe some olynpic distances next year. Just wondering what a good one would be to kick me off - having done the castle howard sprint i dont think i would want that to get me started into olynpic distance! Would welcome your thoughts.

Also, do you think a swim coach or just joing a triathlon club would be best move? Even st sprint distance i cant swim crawl all the way (cant get the breathing right) and in the 3 i have done so far i have been top half in bike, top 20 or so on run but usually close to the bottom end on swim!!



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