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KOOKA wheels

Has anyone heard anything about Kooka carba wheels or got a set,
they seem very cheap for carbon wheels????
but their weight seems very light to?
anyone got any views on them, plenty out there for sale.

I know you get what you pay for, but these seem to good to be true, or is it just all other manufacturers putting prices up cos of their names?


  • I do not have any strong feelings other than can you afford to loose £300 to £400 if there is a problem with them.

    The manufacturing processes around carbon fibre technology are complex and prone to defects due to either fibre lay up, resin consistency, curing temperature variations etc....

    It is fine getting stuff imported in through e-bay with no middle men from the far east but if something is not right what is the come back. This year I had a problem with the frameset on my Specialized SL3 Roubaix which became apparent after about 1,500 miles on what is otherwise a fantastic bike. Specialized exchanged the frameset no problems asked and we both put it down to a manufacturing issue, these things do happen. I simply make the point that the price point for a product has to include a lot of elements and back up service and guarantees are part of the make up of prices for a lot of products. You have to ask are these wheels really cheap in respect to like for like technology and materials, or are they the same price or more expensive but simply do not come with any back up options should they not be perfect?

    In the same way people may come on and say they are fantastic but are they the same people who sell their own stuff on e-bay with statements such as only been ridden for '500 miles', you need to make your own mind up with advice.
  • Go planet X

    Then you've got comeback if it all goes bent
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    yeah i know what you mean, they're available from shops aswel as ebay
    they're made by gigantex apparently who make wheels for other companies and novatec hubs

    Planet x are good already got a set of their 82/101 tubs
  • If that is the case I would buy from a shop even if costs a little more so you have some comeback.

    When it comes to wheels like anything else with bikes you more or less get what you pay for on a scale of diminishing returns, a £500 set of wheels will be better than a £250 set but not twice as much. Also remember that in this price range there are some very light and well made aluminium rimmed wheelsets. There is an argument for buying at the lower end of a manufacturers product range because this is where you gain all the benefits of their tooling and manufacturing processes, what is often hard to find out is who do they manufature for and what products come out of the same plant, as this information is often not disclosed as part of manufacturing agreements with the large brands.
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