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Im looking into purchasing a foam roller or similar type product to massage and help release the strains that are picked up through training.

Would be interested in knowing if anyone has any recommendations of what kit works best...

I have been looking at Trigger Point products and was interested in their 'Grid' foam roller or the Total Body Package ('ultimate set of tools to help massage and maintain a healthy, active body' - which includes the TP Massage Ball, TP Footballer and Block, and TP Quadballer). They are not cheap but they look like quality pieces of kit.

Would appreciate your views on this topic and anyone who has any of the Trigger Point kit I would value your input as to which products would be best for to complement Triathlon training.



  • Russ can you provide a link to the products you are talking about so we can have a clear idea about the products you have seen.

    I personally use a hard foam roller (blue) which I got from physio supplies. I have found this to be very helpfull. What I would say from my experience is that it helps if you know what you are doing. In the past I have done a sports therapy certificate and a sports massage diploma. As such I have always self massaged, would have been better if I had sent my girlfriend on the course truth be known. At first I found the roller to be a bit 'brutal' especially on my back, but this was all about getting a good technique and consistency, and systematically working areas as you would if recieving a massage/manipulation.

    Without my background, and I did consider this when I first got my roller, I would recomend going to a sports therapist, even ordering product through them, and then using your own products, things I use include tapes stretch cords, foam blocks etc... work through a series of routines, with a focus on any niggling areas you get consistently. Once you have got a system and importanly good form in place then confidence to fully integrate this into your routine will be much higher.

    In conclusion my own main roller is something I would not be without, I have found it very usefull in building my running to new volume levels. it is not something to turn to when things go wrong but to use on a daily basis, this can range from integrating this into a yoga based routine, or simply massaging a specific area whilst the kettle boils for a cup of tea.
  • Thanks for your comments - I will certainly look to discuss this with my physio to ensure I am using the kit correctly for my body.

    In terms of the links to the products......

    The Grid: http://tptherapy.com/shop/smrt-core-pro ... -grid.html

    Ultimate Package: http://tptherapy.com/shop/all-tppt-prod ... ebook.html

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