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Yellow swiss stop pads, bargin??


I hope someone who is better educated and/or experienced in these matters can help me here.

In searching for some upgraded stopping capabilities on my carbon rims; research reveals that the yellow swiss stop are the preferred choice and worth the extra money.

Further searching I found these at £1a pair or £36 for 4
http://www.cycleworld.co.uk/product/152 ... _Inserts_4

Are these significantly different to the ones below which seem to be twice the price?
http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Swiss ... e=googleps

Any advice appreciated.

Regards, Derek.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Well following those links the 2nd, 3rd and 4th links are all about the same price for a set of 4 pads @ £36 and the first link for the SRAM/Swiss Stop are £22.94 for a pair i.e £46 for 4 so I don't know where the £1 pair is, posssibly error on the site whic is now corrected.

    I use the Swiss Stop in my Rivals, only switched recently, and as ever did a mega amount of research and didn't come across the SRAM/Swiss Stops. I imagine it is so they can capture the after sales market for their own wheels.
  • Derek

    Swiss Stop make some nice grey ones with the 'Lightweight' branding. Surprise surprise they are cheaper! and you don't get the yellow marks on your rims.

    You could also try ZIpp which work well.


    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Light ... e=googleps
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