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This year i completed the Vitruvian Triathlon for a 5 year old girl called Claudia - she has been diagnosed with a brain tumour on her Pineal Gland (a PineoBlastoma).

Claudia is starting a new round of treatment next week. She has a Facebook page and she is trying very hard to boost the number of 'Likes' she has. She would like to reach 10,000 by next week.

So, i am asking as many people as possible to visit her Facebook page (folow the link) and click 'Like'. You do not have to become friends or show any details - just click the 'Like' button.

https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Claud ... 17?sk=info

Thank you very much

By the way, this is not spam, i am not trying to sell anyhting carbon, i do not know about any nutrition based drinks that will give you superhuman powers and i am not after anyones details for a 'survey'.
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