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Saddles & Seatposts


Can anyone help? This might sound dumb but i am trying to buy a new Saddle & Seatpost for my Cannondale R600.

Will any seatpost fit and also will any Saddle fit the Seatpost?

Help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks



  • This is not that easy a question to answer. I have had a look on BikePedia, good source for this sort of thing if people have not seen it before.

    http://www.bikepedia.com/quickbike/Bike ... &Type=bike

    and the model was made between 1993 and 2004, you will be able to match the colour scheme to the year. Some of the year specs have the seatpost in name only others have a bit more detail including post diameter.

    Basically the posts come in different sizes which match the internal diameter of the seat tube and for example one year says the post diameter is 27.1 mm. What this means is that any seatpost with a 27.1mm diameter would fit this years bike if that makes sense. If you take the post out there might be a diamteter engraved on the existing post. You could then confidently buy any post of that diameter and know it fits. As far as saddles are concerned, they are standard in normal proce ranges and fit any universal post, there are exceptions of posts which go with specific saddle ranges but we are talking very top end expensive stuff.

    My advice would be take it along to a decent local bike shop and they will be able to sort you out, not said if you have got the old one out easily and might need their help in this if there is a problem. If you can find a diameter which matches the bike you could go online which will give you a bit more choice. Saddles are specific to your own tastes but they should be the right width to offer support if you are going to spend a decent amount of time on the bike. Basically dependent on how wide your pelvis is which affects where the pressure points are on any saddle.
  • Just make sure they are both carbon first for gods sake
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