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Novice needs advice!

I'm coming from a running background and want advice re triathlon leading to an ironman.

I'm rather fed up with just pounding the miles on foot a seek a new challenge but there are things I'm after!!

1. Somwehere I can get a free training plan that will take me into an olympic distance tri this year with the aim of doing an ironman in Sep 2013..

2. Advice on nutrition - how many cals per day/what food (when running I tended not to eat enough on rest days and then was prone to a lot o over eating when I felt hungry

3. Advice on gear.. I have a very good road bike and don't plan on changing it (I want it to be fun not cost a second mortgage!) but in terms of wetsuits etc

4. Can I combine the cardio work with gym work - I do 3 weight session and 2 cardio per week at the moment but know this will have to change a lot. I would like to keep building lean muscle though.

5. I have seen a few plans online but they seem rather technical - I want something that bolis it down to time/speed and distance.

Any help will be greatfully recieved


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