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Heart rate 240+

Hi Guys,

I wondered if any of you suffer the same - i've been in tri's for the last 3 years so have a reasonable fitness, but when i go out on the bike or running my heart rate rises to 240 before settling to a normal reading. At first i thought it might be a faulty unit but now i have two brands of hr monitors and they both do the same. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.




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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Errr, bit ambiguous, this one AJ. I can read two possible meanings into what you've said...

    1) Your HR monitor gives you an indicated HR of 240 for a bit, and you've tried multiple units which all do the same thing. How long does this last?

    2) Your actual HR, as measured by your HR monitor and also by you, feeling your pulse, really does hit 240 for a while.

    I can only suggest the following:

    If 1)... That's odd, maybe it is something to do with the way you're fitting the pickup, or to do with sweat or something. Not heard of this before.

    If 2)... That's not funny. Go and see a doctor before you even think about training again.
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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    240, to me, seems really abnormal..... my max heart rate is no higher that 200.
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    AJ1AJ1 Posts: 2
    Thanks Guys,

    Bopomofo - yes sorry was slightly vaigue! Its normally around 240 for about 5 -10 mins at the start of exercise and so i'm not usually sweaty at that point. I've not checked my pulse against my hr monitor so i'll give that a go. However having taken my hr to 196 (knowingly) i know what it feels like so am comfortable that i'm no where near that effort.

    I wondered if it has anything to do with the electrical pulses that the hr montor picks up as you say??


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    ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Go see your doc
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    i agree you should go see your doc 240 is not normal
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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    Unless your h/r moniter is faulty SEE YOUR DOC!!!!!![&:]
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    GGGG Posts: 82
    I personally dont think its possible for a heart to beat that fast without something serious happening.

    My HR monitor sometimes gives me strange (very high) readings when I run past the electricity sub station and under its pilons on my lunch hour run.

    I think something similar is happening to your HR monitor. I guess your starting all your training from the same point and this is why you are getting incorrect readings?

    Hope this helps, if not lay down, phonee 999 and get yourself to hospital [:)]


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Things that make you go.aaaaaaaaaaaargh!

    Initial wild readings for no apparent reason, not often, but it happens, transmitter/receiver for headmike in studio class, electricity pylons, mobile phones, sitting in the car whilst on the move, railway lines probably other things but all of these at some time or other have spiked a 200+ HR, I am guessing interference..now if I stand close to the micowave...aaaaaaaargh!
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    gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    have heard of HRM picking up cycle speedo signals
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    Try wetting the sensor before going out - can't see why a dry sensor would give you crazy readings, for me it just doesnt say anything at all but making sure it is wet ensures it can detect heartbeat without u needing to get sweaty
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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Thats sound abnormal to me.do this checklist first

    1.recovary rate(time how long it takes you to recover)

    2.check equipment

    3.make sure the HRM band is in the right place.sometimes if its in the rong place it can give abnormal readings.

    4.Make sure that nothing is in the way way between the chest and HRM band.There has been cases of chest hair interfearing with the signal frome the heart as strange as it seams.

    5.do exercise/warm up for 5 min with 1 min rest period and repeat this 3 times.when doing this you should take note of your highest lowest and recovery time and how long it takes your heart rate to go from rest to workout.

    If none of these resolve the problem please seek medical advise.
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