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Cannondale Slice

Really want to get my hands on a Cannondale Slice for this season - am I right in thinking that Cannondale are seriously only offering this bike in Shimano 105 form? There doesn't even seem to be the Hi-Mod version coming out for 2012??

I'd be perfectly happy with the lower grade Slice Ultegra 2011 but all of these sold out months ago...why are they not even manufacturing more of the 2011 bikes? I know these bikes were good, but the can't have made enough money just to take 2012 off surely? They're not even Australian!

Anyway, am I right in thinking that the frames used on the 105 and Ultegra Slices were exactly the same anyway? It's just the wheelset and components that were upgraded? The frame doesn't go up a spec until you buy the Hi-Mod version does it?



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