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I'm new here and am looking forward to learning lots from all of you. 2 Friends and I have for some crazy unknown reason decided that next year we'll do a half ironman distance. One will do a 2km swim, I have been assigned the 90km bike ride and the other will do the 21km run. So over this year I will now have to learn to cycle 90km distances. Have recently done a triathlon with a 12km distance and another with a 9.5km distance, but this is a whole other ball game. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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    When is the race ?

    What race is it?

    What is the course profile ?

    What bike have you got ?

    What were your times for the previous distances ? Do you know your average speed?

    In essence just slowly increase your saddle time week on week.

    Aim for 4 sessions a week and only one back to back session ?

    What your sporting background if any ?

    Don't panic - 90km seems like a huge distance but you'll soon be knocking 90km out like it was 12.5km
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    Lea2109Lea2109 Posts: 2

    The race is in February 2013. It is a half distance ironman that we plan to enter as a team. http://www.nphalfironman.co.nz/halfironman

    At the last event which was a triathlon (Swim 300m, Bike 9.5km, Run 3km) I did the bike leg in about 21 min. My average speed is about 23 - 25 km/hour at the moment.

    The course information for this half distance ironman event is here http://www.nphalfironman.co.nz/halfironman/course with the bike course profile http://www.nphalfironman.co.nz/images/ironman/bike%20course_profile.2png.png.

    I don't really have much of a sporting background. Played a bit of netball when I was at school. It is only late last year and this year that I have started becoming much more active and have done 2 shorter distance triathlons. We've done some informal training sessions last year in preparation for the first triathlon and have just started that up again. However I do have to mention that these triathlons are aimed at encouraging participation rather than being highly competitive. I also do weekly swim lessons to try and improve my technique. I do try and get out on the bike fairly regularly, but my knowledge on how to train effectively is not all that great.

    This is an example of my bike - http://www.avantibikes.com/sport-road/2011-aria-1.aspx?bid=347

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    sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    So how's the training come along?
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    gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Hi Lea2109

    Lucky you to be able to do such a nice race!

    Your bike looks adequate for the shorter distances, but to be honest I would consider an upgrade to a proper road bike now and build your riding legs to get you through the distance. A road bike will also get you through the shorter distance races faster too

    Also, it sounds like your hooked with the swim lessons etc, so get yourself into a local club (if you haven't already) as a club will help you get even better/faster/stronger!

    Have fun!
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    gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    sonofsammo wrote:
    So how's the training come along?
    Hmmm just looked and she hasn't logged on since April :roll:
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