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Taking sharp corners

I recently came off my bike taking a corner when the ground was very wet. A few bumps and bruises but ok. I have a tri coming up on Yas Marina Circuit (a F1 racetrack) and there are quite a few sharp turns. Advise please on the best way to take a corner?? I've lost my nerve! Should I take it wide or narrow?


  • MiffyMiffy Posts: 6
    An awkward one this one as there are different techniques. When wet, the obvious one is take it easy! But with sharp corners, if its safe to do so, the trick is to reduce the bend by going wide to start and come in on the apex. Also, try not to lean the bike too much, rather lean off the saddle to move your mass over the corner, but try to keep the bike as upright as possible. This means you are not relying on the tyre edges for grip. Also if its wet, try running pressures a bit softer by 5-10 psi to increase the tyres grip and contact area.
    Hope this makes sense, would be aesier to explain with a drawing!
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