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Forestman (New Forest) and IM race nutrition question

Hello all, just over 8 weeks to go until race day and was wondering if anyone has any pearls of wisdom, tips, advice they would like to share about this race?
Also have a question about race day nutrition - I have used SIS products for some time but understand that Accelerade will be provided on race day which I have not yet tried. Whilst it is feasible to trial the new product in training ahead of the race I may wish to stay with SIS - so what is your advice about logistics for race day with regards to topping up energy drinks/gels etc? Or think that I should go with the free stuff if I can take without gastro probs in training?

Sorry for noddy questions and thanks in advance for your help!


  • jcs356jcs356 Posts: 37
    Here's a tip for ironman bike nutrition if you want to stick with SIS. If you have an aero bottle that you can refill on the bike, then start with it full of your normal dilution of Go/PSP. Also carry a bottle of 3 or 4 times strength Go/PSP on the frame. As you empty the aero bottle, refill it 1/4 or 1/3 with your super concentrate, then take a bottle of plain water from the feedstation and squirt that in. Hey presto, correct strength Go/PSP.

    In terms of gels etc. I think it's all down to individual tolerance. I'm lucky that I can get on with anything they give me although prefer the SIS style gels that don't need water than the PowerBar ones that do.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Just drink water with an electrolyte tab in, (high 5 zero for example) and have whatever gels you want to use on the bike in a bento box or jersey pocket etc. Job done.

    Keep it simple.
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